Maryland’s Associated Gun Clubs Warns Against State Police Handgun Purchase Advice

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore
Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

Maryland –-( We here at AGC are aware of the September 24, 2013, Maryland State Police press release notifying the public that MSP would not enforce the HQL provisions against purchasers who had their paperwork in before October 1, 2013, irrespective of when they actually take possession of their handgun.

We strongly discourage anybody from relying on that press release when purchasing and receiving a handgun.

The press release is contradicted by an opinion from the Attorney General's office that an HQL would be required for taking possession of a handgun on or after October 1, no matter when their paperwork was filed. Furthermore, even if the Maryland State Police do not enforce the law, it is still a law, on the books, with criminal penalties attached to its violation.

Receiving a firearm without an HQL after October 1, 2013 is a violation of SB 281, and nothing would stop some other law enforcement agency from bringing charges under its provisions.

Conviction for violation of the HQL provisions could result in both criminal penalties and loss of gun rights.

Click here for the opinion from the office of the Maryland Attorney General.

This is not legal advice and our readers are cautioned to consult with their attorney on this issue.

John H. Josselyn
Legislative Vice President

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC), located in Marriottsville, Maryland. The Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. was formed on July 1, 1944 when a number of World War II veterans in the Baltimore, Maryland area began looking for a place for recreational and competitive shooting. They organized with several other Baltimore area shooting clubs to form the “AGC” Visit:

  • 8 thoughts on “Maryland’s Associated Gun Clubs Warns Against State Police Handgun Purchase Advice

    1. I’m so sorry Maryland has chosen to victimize its constituency in that way. There is a reason why there is a mass exodus from gun control states in general, leaving behind empty strip malls, closed shops, and fewer services. Guess where they’re going? Places where freedom still exists, like the midwest, and yes, Texas, and down here in Florida.

      Eventually those who profit from the victimization of others will run out of victims. Then they will attempt to move somewhere else and start the process all over again.

      The clue is this: If it was such a great system, why would the places where the system is successful look like slums? Detroit, anyone?

      Maryland may take anothe decade or so…but it’s in decline.

    2. Unbelievable. Well, we all know what this will do: the black market will just pick up, and more, not less “illegal” guns will flood the streets. These people are idiots!

    3. FIRST: What is an HQL ? I gleaned AGC & MSP from the story. In Maryland, if you stand up at YOUR School Board Meeting and ask Questions about Communist Common C.O.R.E. you will be harassed, pushed around, handcuffed AND arrested ! The voters in Maryland now have the government they deserve.

    4. Well, now that Kerry has signed the UN gun ban treaty, it looks like the rest of the country will start looking like Maryland. We’ve been handed over to the UN, with the stroke of a pen, by a single man who doesn’t like his country.

      All it will take are a few rogue US senators to ratify the treaty, and the next thing that you’ll know, is that the towel heads will be patrolling our streets, and breaking down our doors to confiscate our guns. Our Income Taxes will go to the UN, and our lives will be run by un-American traitors in Washington.

    5. HQL = Handgun Qualification License

      Hmmm…I always thought that the Second Amendment gave me the right to own guns. I don’t think it mentions “qualifications” other than US citizen.

    6. I am a former registured Democrat. But, I am now a conservative who listens to the drivel from the democratic politicians abd the liberal media I am shocked. I assumed at first that it was a means of getting a political point accross. But now insane as it sounds, those people actually believe the garbage that they are spewing.That leave me with only one conclusion THESE PEOPLE ARE “INSANE’. NO PERSON WITH REASONABLE INTELLIGENCE COULD POSSIBLY BELIEVE THAT WHAT THEY BELIEVE COMES FROM AN INTELLIGENT MIND.

    7. Maryland is a leftist toilet. It’s a shame, too. I spent entire summers playing in a band in Ocean City, and i lived in NE Baltimore for 2 years. My 2 daughters are 2nd generation Ocean City lovers, but they will NEVER again visit there on my dime. I refuse to drop so much as a wooden nickel in the state of Maryland for the progressive cesspool it has become. I’ll blow a couple thou a year in Myrtle beach instead, AND it’s a hell of a lot closer. Maryland politics was barely tolerable BEFORE Obama and friends…. These meat popcicles now even TAX THE RAINFALL that falls on your property! When the dollar collapse comes, let Marylanders get back to me on how well disarmament is working out for them and their families. Good luck fighting off the mobs and rapists with your college badmitton racket. Contemptable…..

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