Why the Media’s Fixation on the AR-15 Is Foolish

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Why the Media’s Fixation on the AR-15 Is Foolish
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- To listen to gun control gun proponents talk, the AR-15 is a heinous “killing machine” that needs to be banned because it gives a shooter the ability to kill more people than would otherwise be possible with a different gun.

On September 16 2013, Piers Morgan said the availability of AR-15s makes “mass shootings in America” worse.

Yet Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis did not use an AR-15. So how was he able to kill 12 people in such a short window of time?

He was able to kill so many people because he used the best close-quarters gun anyone can use–a shotgun. And the effectiveness of the shotgun once again shines a light on the fact that the fear-mongering around the AR-15 is both inaccurate and foolish.

An AR-15 is a rifle–it fires one projectile at a time. When you take one to the range and shoot it, it fires one bullet every time you pull the trigger (that bullet is less than 3/10ths of an inch wide).

A shotgun is just that–a gun that shoots “shot.” Like an AR-15, a semi-automatic shotgun fires one round each time you pull the trigger. The difference is that its shells contain numerous shots–small balls of lead–that produce a “pattern,” or circle of lead, that might be 7 inches, 10 inches, or 15 inches wide (or more) depending on the choke of the shotgun and the distance between the target and the gun.

Whether you are 10 feet from the target or 50 yards from the target, an AR-15’s bullet remains a single projectile less than 3/10ths of an inch wide. But with a shotgun, even if the target is extremely close to the gun –6 to 8 feet– a shooter can hit two targets at once. At a medium range –12 to 20 feet– a shooter could hit two or three targets at once because the pattern of the shot gets wider the further the target is from the gun.

The effectiveness of a shotgun blast depends on numerous things–including the weight of the shot used. Shot weights are signified on shell boxes as “No. 4” or “No. 7,” etc. The smaller the number the bigger the shot.

Think about it this way–you could give one shooter an AR-15 with a 30-round magazine and give another shooter of equal experience a 12 gauge shotgun and 20 rounds of ammo. If the shooting is in close quarters, the person shooting with the shotgun will double and could triple the number of hits of the person with the AR-15.

Drop an individual with a shotgun into a gun free zone –where the victims cannot shoot back– and the amount of carnage that could be done was witnessed in a small degree on September 16 2013.

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Bill Butler

It is obvious that the author is just as ignorant as the folks that want to take away firearms. “6-8 feet away-a shooter can hit two targets at once”!? Please show me that one. If you are going to write and represent yourself as some sort of expert, please do your homework ahead of time. You did get the part right about the pattern getting wider the farther the shot travels. Try using 1 inch of spread for each yard of travel and you will have a reasonable estimate of pattern size. Or you could just join the “Joe Biden… Read more »


@becker,the tyrannists,gungrabbing liberal scum will never win.Thats why we cant let them win any of the small battles. Freedom loving, constitutional loving real Americans will win this war. Right is on our side ! Did you get the impression that the liberal politicians/media were really pissed that an AR 15 rifle wasn’t used in the latest Naval base shootings ? Those are the sombitches with mental issues. TEX

Darwin Smith

Have to disagree with you, Beck. They can’t win because even if they succeed in passing all the laws they want, the weapons are already there and unregistered. All they will succeed in doing is turning peaceful people into criminals. And that is how you rule the blameless. You create pointless laws that criminalize harmless (or even beneficial) activities.

VT Patriot

And the beat goes on and on and on – – – I brought my assault rifle back to the shop I bought it from. I’d left it loaded and cocked in my bedroom for over three months, and it didn’t do its job. Didn’t assault anything. So what good is it?


Don’t worry, they will get to the shotgun. They are working their way down from the AR-15 to pea shooter. Just give them time and if you just sit and watch, they will win.


Aint the shotgun the preferred weapon of “double-barrel” Joe Biden?