Mom’s Demand Action Screw Ups & More George Zimmerman This Week on Bold Departure

Fake Starbucks Gun
Mom’s Demand Action uses random gun image and claims it was taken at Starbucks.
Bold Departure Podcast
Bold Departure Podcast

New Jersey – -( This week on the show we first talk about recent actions by Mom’s Demand Action.

It seems they don’t really do much checking on the images they use to promote their message.  The person who took the photo, who was not at Starbucks and which the Mom’s later took off Twitter, provides some context.

We wrap up talking about the UN taking an interest in the quick resolution of DOJ’s inquiry into George Zimmerman, who can’t seem to get off the news. As much as we don’t really want to talk about this guy anymore, the issues surrounding him are important.

This week on the Bold Departure Broadcast we change up the format a bit, we are streaming live with a Google Hangout. This provides a couple of advantages for those who would be interested in watching. We can share videos, webpages, and other visual content while we discuss it.

Also, the broadcast will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. Nothing will change in regards to the podcast itself though. We will still be posting it each week.

Hope you like the new format and check out our YouTube Page

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