More Defenseless & Dead in Another DC Gun Free Killing Zone

By David Cole

Dianne Feinstein
Elected Ghoul, Dianne Feinstein, would rather have you defenseless.
Gun Rights Magazine
Gun Rights Magazine

-( The bodies of the murdered are not even cold, and already the usual suspects are renewing the call for gun control.

Never mind that all of the weapons used by the killer were prohibited both on the premises of the Washington Navy Yard, and were illegal either to possess or to carry outside the home in Washington, D.C.

Were the “gun free zone” signs not big enough?

Perhaps the killer just overlooked them. Maybe he didn’t speak English…we should make the signs multilingual. Or at least mandate brighter or bigger lettering. Because surely a deranged man bent on murder would not dare to cross that red line. Surely those signs would make him see the error of his ways, and abandon his plans for mayhem.

Bill Clinton
Complicit: Bill Clinton’s 1993 ban on personal firearms on military bases left warriors defenseless.

But then again, perhaps the laws declaring the Navy Yard and the city which hosts it as “gun free zones” are obeyed only by law-abiding citizens who wish no more than to go about their day in peace. Perhaps those signs affect only those of us in society who would only do violence as a last resort to save life, leaving us defenseless against those to whom a sign is not even a speed bump.

CNN mistakenly reported that the murderer used an AR-15 rifle, most likely with a 30 round magazine… If that had been true, AR15’s are illegal in Washington, D.C. He would have needed n a “David Gregory exemption” from that law. No? You mean he would just ignored the law against 30 round magazines, and go on to kill 12 people with it anyway? Well, no one could have anticipated that a maniac bent on murder would ignore a law banning magazines.

Twelve of our fellow Americans died as victims, but they were not born victims.

They were born with the right to defend their own lives with weapons of their choosing, but even on a military base in the nation’s capitol, anti-rights bigots and gun control meddlers left them just as defenseless as a first-grader.


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Tn. Patriot

The picture of feinstein shows her true frankenstein.

Tn. Patriot

@TEX, You are right about clinton. Just imagine how he will be when he is first-lady.

VT Patriot

@NotMe Good for you. You can worry about carrying some day after you use it save your life. Unfortunately, I lost all mine in a tragic kayaking accident last year, even the one that’s always under the seat of my truck. Must have fallen out..

Not me

VT,Tex: I go to college full time and have a CHL. My college is a gun free zone but I carry a 9mm in my briefcase. Have done this now for 2 years. No one has ever known or will ever know until that moment in time when I will need it, yes I know that I will probably get kicked out of school, I don’t care, that’s the price I will willingly pay.


Clinton has always looked like he’s ate up with the dumbass to me,…then when the sombitch opens his mouth it removes all doubt !


All this gun control is the logic of MORONS, and they all know who they are.

Buck Rio

Well said Mr. Cole.


feinstein might prefer to have me defenseless but that wont ever happen… and that I guarantee you ! TEX


@VT Patriot,I agree with your post 110% and there is no logic to it.I would advise agains’t carrying into a gun “free zone” because after the dust settles you would probably be in jail.I dont patronize any establishment that dont allow law-abiding,licensed citizens to exercise their second amendment freedoms.TEX

VT Patriot

Since bad guys will bring guns into ‘free-fire’ zones, past the signs, without getting permission, then can anyone tell me why I shouldn’t do the same? He’s not allowed to carry a gun there but he does anyway. Any one see the logic here?

Rob Davis

This should be published in every newspaper in the country. Too bad the Communist-controlled media would never allow it.

If I’m wrong, prove it. Publish it, cowards.