Open Letter to Governor Christie Regarding Explanations of Recent Gun Rights Decisions

By Frank Jack Fiamingo

New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( Since Governor Christie rarely if ever refers to me as “Dear Friend”, I will assume that most of you received a copy of the same “confidential” email letter as I did.

However, since it was marked as confidential, I will not reprint it here. My response, on the other hand is NOT confidential. You may reproduce it as you see fit.

Dear Governor Christie,

With all due respect, in the state of New Jersey the average law-abiding individual has no ability to exercise the right to bear arms. That is true even if that individual holds a carry permit anywhere else in this wonderful Nation. If someone lives in a state where they hold a carry permit and they cross the border into New Jersey, they immediately become a felon, unless they are willing to be disarmed. If you happen to reside in New Jersey, you will not be allowed to bear a firearm here no matter how law-abiding or qualified you are, unless you can prove that there is an immediate threat to your life.

How would one prove such a thing? Why is that requirement necessary or even legal?

The purpose of the Second Amendment has little or nothing to do with any of the things you talk about in your response. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to keep the power in the hands of the people, where it belongs in a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The Second Amendment was intended as a warning to all three branches of the United States Government not to infringe of the people’s ability to bear arms against the possibility of Tyranny. That warning protects an individual right as determined by SCOTUS in the Heller decision and was clearly extended to apply against the States in the McDonald decision. While those decisions do allow for reasonable regulations, the exercise of the right to bear arms is effectively banned in the state of New Jersey. That is far from reasonable. The so-called “justifiable need” requirement disarms all United States citizens who either live in, visit or pass through our beautiful state.

The highest law of this Nation has been ignored and rejected by the government of our state. Eventually, New Jersey will be held accountable for breaking the Federal prohibition against the infringement of the individual right to keep and bear arms. The people of this Nation will remember those who either neglected to take the opportunity to correct this abrogation of our freedom or who tackled it head on.

I hope that you will make the correct decision. I hope I will still be around to remind them.

Most Sincerely,
Frank Jack Fiamingo
President – NJ2AS


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  • 17 thoughts on “Open Letter to Governor Christie Regarding Explanations of Recent Gun Rights Decisions

    1. I was raised in New Jersey (Morristown)and left when I joined the Air Force during Vietnam … I’ve never been back and now live in the Republic of Texas, where citizens are treated as adults, not as children who need to be leashed to keep them under control. I got a carry permit as soon as I could and have been armed every day since. There is a world outside NJ; check it out. I had great hopes for Christie, but he’s turned out to be a turncoat to the GOP and to freedom. Obey the Constitution or get out of the Statehouse and let somebody in who will.

    2. California has done one better: CA AG Harris banned relisting or listing on “Approved Firearm List” any handgun without microstamping, and as the listings expire, no new listings because no microstamped handguns. On the way to law is a ban on giving lending offering for sale any handgun not on the ‘Approved List’ so no handguns in California at all anymore, Second Amendment or not, California is banning the possession and sales of all firearms. Will Gov Jerry Brown relinquish the handgun that he carries that he can no longer legally buy, sell, or lend?


    4. Sorry to disagree with several of the other comments but the best weapon to keep our rights is simply to be unwilling to give them up. Our right to self-defense comes from neither the 2nd Amendment (which was merely intended to “secure” our “unalienable rights”) nor any Supreme Court equivocations. Those rights were and are ours and the Constitution was a contract by which the government is required to honor them. It simply does not have the unilateral right to alter that contract. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to preserve their rights and freedoms and the sanctity of that contract will surely lose them and deservedly do so. Semper Fi!

    5. Recall elections, like the one in CO., which just kicked the gun grabbers out of office, is our best weapon to keep our 2nd amendment rights. This needs to be extended to all states and to the president’s office. You run on a lie, you hit the road. Don’t come back!

    6. Chrispy Cream can’t control his eating or bully temper. So why should we believe he can control anything he does let alone have power to represent the peoples rights. A fat man will eat your food and taxes. Is that not what we see in NJ?

    7. North Carolina isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I’m so glad I live there instead of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, or Massachusetts.

      When will these people learn the Constitution isn’t to be cherry picked where the only parts that apply are those which happen to match their personal agendas?

    8. Jack, NJ needs re-calls just like Colorado had ousting these Demoncraps outa office. Starting with Sweeney and Greenwald. NJ gun clubs need to start mobilizing now to picket, boycott, and Demonstrate in front of the offices of the two mentioned above. Please help to mobilize and organize this effort.

    9. The more we find out about Gov. Christy…The more I dislike him…I came to that conclusion recently when I read that the Gov. has outlawed BB guns…For the reason that they are weapons with silencers…And silencers are prohibited in that state regardless if you have a federal permit or not…What?…Air guns are now dangerous weapons because they have silencers attached…What other garbage comes out of the Governmor’s office with undue respect to those law abiding citizens who own real guns…Not BB guns!

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