RNC Gets Out the Vote in Colorado Recall Election

Republican National Committee
RNC Gets Out the Vote in Colorado Recall Election
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  The Republican National Committee (RNC) is on the ground in Colorado providing support for the pro-recall efforts as voters in senator John Morse (D-Colo. Springs) and Angela Giron's (D-Pueblo) districts head to the polls.

Giron and Morse face recall votes thanks to a public outcry after the two Democrats voted for recently-enacted gun control measures limiting magazine sizes and requiring background checks for private gun sales.

In an effort to offset the advantages Giron has enjoyed via Organizing For Action (OFA) operatives working her office and the advantages both senators have enjoyed from gifts by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others, the RNC is supporting the recall efforts in three ways that are crucial to voter turnout.

RNC staffers are providing equipment, date help, and grassroots field work in School Districts 3 and 11, where they are recruiting and organizing volunteers and working with county parties and the challengers' campaigns to achieve voter contact goals. This includes utilizing both the RNC's walk app as well as VOIP phones and a phone-from-home system.

A strategist familiar with the RNC's activities in Colorado told Breitbart News:

The moment NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg started cutting checks, this recall election became about much more than Colorado. The DNC and President Obama's Super PAC are on the ground, and the only way to ensure that the voices of the people of Colorado aren't overrun from New York and Chicago is to use every available resource to turn out the vote.

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  • 3 thoughts on “RNC Gets Out the Vote in Colorado Recall Election

    1. I have sent money to candidates from other states like Allen West, Palin, Star Parker, Jim DeMint, and other Conservatives. I don’t think that is wrong, but I do disagree with Bloomberg trying to buy elections.

      These Dems are much like the others in the country. They lie and think they are supposed to get away with it. Lately, a lot of Dems are acting as though they are dictators. Do what we say or else! These Dems did like the rest of them around the country by trying to promote voter fraud, threats against the other side, and other dirty tricks Dems are known for. Couple that with the amount of money that did come from Dems across the country, it makes a bad situation.

      Thank goodness that the public has had enough of the lies and dirty tricks of the Dems. This might be the shot across the bow for Dems. People are getting tired of Dems cramming their values down our throats. The public is starting to understand that the Dems want to force us to accept Communism. The only way the Dems can do that is to disarm the country. That way they can install a dictator and have one party rule in the country, them.

      I find it funny how Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns is losing members, because they have seen the true agenda of Bloomberg’s group. These people are getting tired of being liked to as well. I think Bloomberg can forget about any chances of wanting to be president.

    2. A personal message to Michael Bloomberg: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

      That’s what you get for financing politicians in districts other than your own. It’s a pity you spent so little. You could have lost so much more.

      For while you may have lots of dollars, you have only one vote, and no vote at all in Colorado.

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