Shoot Now Or Wait A Year?

Shoot Now Or Wait A Year?
Shoot Now Or Wait A Year?
Lone Star Outdoor News
Lone Star Outdoor News

DALLAS, TX –-( The picture of the buck below was taken just before the 2012 season on a ranch in West Texas.

Discussions were held about the age of the deer, and if he would improve this season or not.

Take a look at the photo and ask yourself if you would have shot this buck last season.

Read the story below to find out what happened to this deer.


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Buck Crosby

I would have taken him , thanked the lord , and put him on the table . I have no experience in aging deer and doubt many have .

martin gallimore

I would definitely shoot him. Next season he may loose growth . where I live this is a good size rack, in VA.


Well, if I didn’t shoot him last season, is he going to hide from every hunter until he sees me this year?


probably would, except he looks a little poor in the body. A hard winter could kill him.