The Arabs Are The New Jews

By Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba
Column by Alan Caruba

New Jersey –-( The debate about whether or when to inflict some “punishment” on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad put me in mind of the run-up to World War II when the U.S. State Department was reluctant to admit German Jews seeking sanctuary and, after the D-Day invasion, the discovery of the Nazi death camps where six million Jews from around Europe perished.

So long as it was Jews doing the dying, the world just didn’t care that much and now, so long as it is Arabs —over 100,000 Syrians— the world still doesn’t care.

Moreover, the Arabs of the Middle East have given the West little reason to be concerned for their lives. Who has killed more Arabs than any other group? Arabs. The jihadists have bombed and murdered their fellow Muslims with abandon and continue to do so.

Poison gas was used by Saddam Hussein and is being likely used by both Assad and the rebels seeking to overthrow him.

It is the poison gas the West fears, not the fate of the Syrians or other Arabs.

The nightmare that the West refuses to confront is a nuclear-armed Iran. If and when the Israelis—Jews—take action to disable the Iranian nuclear operations, they will have saved themselves and the West.

Congress will likely approve some kind of authorization for the President to take some action. The draft that the White House sent was deemed too broadly written so the lawyers in Congress will fret it about with limits. That’s a good thing because whatever Obama does will be an act of war and a rather futile one at that.

An article in the September 2 World Tribune reported that “President Barack Obama has encountered vigorous resistance from the military to his plans to attack Syria.”

Assad will have plenty of time to continue waging war on the Syrian rebels. He’s too busy killing Syrians who, true to the tribal nature of the region, will remain busy killing Alawites, Christians, Druze, and others. Neither the Russians, nor the Iranians want a bigger war. They want a seaport and a pipeline respectively.

Congress will also have to find a billion dollars with which to pay for the missiles we use and to replace them. A nation that is $17 trillion in debt doesn’t have the money to wage a war. A short, symbolic slap will have to suffice.

There will be no “boots on the ground.” Our army is worn out by more than a decade of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our air force is flying a lot of old planes. Our navy has been reduced to less vessels than are needed in a dangerous world. Mostly, though, Americans are understandably just tired of fighting in the Middle East and achieving nothing.

If we could find and kill Osama bin Laden, there is no reason why we could not have done the same with Saddam Hussein and now Bashar al-Assad. It’s cheaper and just as effective.

For a while, Bashar was the darling of the liberals in Congress. Nancy Pelosi visited him. In 2007, despite White House objections, she traveled to Damascus to meet with Assad. At the time she said she had “expressed our concern about Syria’s connections to Hezbollah and Hamas” and raised the issue of the sanctuary that Syria was providing those fighting U.S. troops in neighboring Iraq. Then-President Bush said, “A lot of people have gone to see President Assad…and yet we haven’t seen action. He hasn’t responded.”

Ironically, it is now Pelosi who is urging Obama to take military action against Assad.

In 2011 on Face the Nation then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was asked why the U.S. was not intervening in Syria as it had in Libya. When CBS newsman Bob Schieffer remarked that Assad’s father had killed 25,000 Syrians in Hama in 1982, Clinton replied that Syria had a different leader and one that recent visitors regarded as “a reformer.

Among those who had visited Assad was then-Sen. John Kerry, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, who had been there at least six times; most recently in November 2010. He pushed hard to re-engage the Assad regime and notably without any success.

Assuming Congress lets President Obama wipe the egg from his face over his “red line” comment, Assad will respond with the usual threats and go back to killing Syrians. Having seen the U.S. response to the use of poison gas, it will likely be removed and transported to Iran. It is likely that it originated in Iraq.

So long as it is Arabs dying, the West and the rest of the world is unlikely to intervene. The U.S. tried that. It did not work out well.

c Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba’s commentaries are posted daily at “Warning Signs” his popular blog and thereafter on dozens of other websites and blogs. If you love to read, visit his monthly report on new books at Bookviews.

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if us strikes syria,syria will hit the jews hard.And Russia will bsck up Syria.


The only reason BO is rattling his plastic sword is to try and get the uninformed low info BO voters and supporters eyes fixed on some BS scenari crisis when the 1 yr anneversary of Bengazi is coming up and STILL NO ANSWERS!! But yet in less than a week Obama & Lurch are saying they have irrefutable proff Assad did this! Yeahhhhhh right!!! Lol More likely scenario is obamas rebel terrorist Al Quaida buddys & moozlum brotherhood did this to get Obama backing to bomb Assad! Dont anyone 4 get our great leader is the master of deceptoion, side… Read more »

Bill Butler

It is hard to get to excited about arabs killing arabs, as the are heathens and savages. I say build a large fence around the whole area. Put a huge amount of weapons and ammunition inside the fence and let them have at it! When they appear done with the killing, try the survivors for murder and be done with them.


How can the enemy be determined when it’s yet to be determined who possesses the gas? Why all of a sudden does it matter to get congressional approval when in the past actions have taken place unilaterally?


Have the person(s) responsible for using the gas been identified? How can the enemy be identified until the target has been clearly identified?

Why is BO now all of a sudden interested in the approval of congress when in fact he’s been acting unilaterally since being in office?

John Kerry was all cozy during a dinner with Assad not long ago. Google it.


You are absolutely wrong Alan. Drawing a moral equivalency seems a bit naive and short sighted. Thinking that the ‘boy king’ is acting out of love for humanity and compassion is dangerously naive.


When it comes to nations slaughtering their own, it never matters. Tibet, Rawanda, Cambodia, Zaire/Congo. Millions have died. Eventually the USA/Nato acted in former Yugoslavia. Slaughter on their back yard seems to have gotten some activity.

As for any comparison between Arab and Jew. There is still a big difference. We see no protests vs Syria (or Lybia, or Sudan) over the murder of millions. But Israel (the only Jewish nation) is subject to international protests every day. Anti Semitism pure and simple. Arab petrodollars buys a lot of hate. And there are still lots of Jew haters out there!

Johnny B. Goode

Does not matter.
Not our war, not our fight.
Let allah sort them out.
America`s soldiers are not Janissaries for the Caliphate.


The boy is using Syria to distract from things like IRS,Bengazi,NSA,Fast & Furious,etc.,….on and on and on