New Website Targets Governor Cuomo’s ‘NYSAFE Act of 2013’

The Arbalest Quarrel
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The Arbalest Quarrel
The Arbalest Quarrel

New York, N.Y. –-( With all the information available on the Internet pertaining to Governor Cuomo’s new firearms laws, codified in the “NYSAFE Act of 2013,” and with all the commotion generated about it, you might think the last thing the public needs is another website devoted to it. But, the creators of a weblog, “The Arbalest Quarrel,” disagree. “Our site is different,” they say.

What our site offers is not the usual hype, pro or con, a person usually encounters on the “gun control” debate.

For anyone interested in knowing about the “NYSAFE Act,” “The Arbalest Quarrel” is a must have resource. The “NYSAFE Act” affects every law- abiding New York resident and businessman who possesses a firearm or who is thinking about possessing a firearm in the State of New York. The “NYSAFE Act” places new demands on businesses, courts, mental health practitioners and administrators of public records, as well as on the person who possesses a firearm. The “Act” expands police powers and reallocates law enforcement resources. And the “Act” costs taxpayers millions of dollars to enforce.

Present firearms owners in New York and those residents of the State who are thinking of purchasing a firearm – and many are – want to know and need to know the cold hard facts about firearm ownership in New York. “The Arbalest Quarrel” fits the bill to a “T.”

The major contributor to “The Arbalest Quarrel” is a licensed attorney and he has poured over the “NYSAFE Act.” He leads the reader through the “Act’s” thorniest sections.

The New York firearms owner does not need to be told that the Governor’s new firearms’ control laws are stricter than the previous laws. He knows that. And the New York firearms’ owner does not need to wonder whether the “NYSAFE Act” will really make New Yorkers safer. He would tell you that his firearms keep him safe and that is what matters to him.

What the New York firearm’s owner does want to know is: whether any of his firearms are “assault weapons,” whether he is in possession of a “high- capacity” ammunition magazine, and what he must do if he has one or more of these firearms or ammunition magazines.

The Arbalest Quarrel” provides comprehensive, detailed information on the “NYSAFE Act.” No other website, to the knowledge of the creators of “The Arbalest Quarrel,” does this, and they have looked at several. Part legal exposition and part unabashed polemic, “The Arbalest Quarrel” deals with the “NYSAFE Act” in detail. The legislation is taken apart, analyzed piece- by-piece, and explained in clear language for the non-lawyer. “The Arbalest Quarrel” pulls no punches. “The Arbalest Quarrel” tells it like it is. While the “The Arbalest Quarrel” could, as it evolves, move in several directions, the central aim will be directed to expounding on the import and purport of recently enacted State and federal firearms legislation.

But, why is the first issue directed to a discussion of the “NYSAFE Act?” The reason is plain. The “NYSAFE Act” is in the vanguard of recent restrictive firearms legislation. The “Act” was ostensibly introduced in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. The “NYSAFE Act” was probably the model for restrictive firearms legislation subsequently enacted in Colorado and Connecticut, and it was almost certainly the model for fairly recent federal firearms legislation that failed spectacularly in the U.S. Senate.

A person might wonder: “are the creators of “The Arbalest Quarrel” working for someone else? The answer is definitely, “no!” While clearly in agreement with and having a natural affinity to the aims and efforts of defenders of the Second Amendment such as, and most notably, the NRA, the creators of the “Arbalest Quarrel” are quick to point out that neither they, nor their Company, Arbalest Group, LLC., are affiliated with, connected with, an adjunct to or an arm of any lobbying group, political party, PAC, local or State grass roots effort, think tank, foundation or other public, quasi-public or private association, company, or business venture of any kind. Moreover, the creators of the “The Arbalest Quarrel” assert that they answer to no one other than to each other in any matter involving the content of their articles.

To view the anniversary issue of “The Arbalest Quarrel,” weblog titled, “What the Law-Abiding New York Gun Owner Really Needs To Know About Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ‘NYSAFE Act’,” and to learn more about Arbalest Group, LLC and its founders, and to learn about the Company’s philosophy and goals, interested readers are invited to visit the website.

The link is:

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finally someone is speaking out against our dictatorial governor who, like m.any of our politicians think that they are above the law, kings , queens a privileged class. Exactly what our founding fathers were afraid of and fought against!
Cuomo’s midnight power grab is an example of how these degenerate anti-Americans seize power and destroy rights granted to us under the Constitution. the quarrel is shedding light on these cockroaches. With a communist President and a prejudiced attorney general who disregards the law ,we need more sites like the quarrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a great web site, simple and easy to read, an eye opener thank you Ammoland. Looking forward to more articles. Thank you Arbalest Quarrel! About time someone is doing something.


Very interesting site, clear and easy to read! Enjoyed the article very much! Looking forward to more articles from you guys.


Love site. Easy to read.


This is a great website and I just sent it to all my facebook and twitter friends.

Robert Gervasi

Wake-up New York gun owner’s. Particularly those who reside in NYC. Stand & Fight… before it’s too late!

christian kiladitis

This “nysafe act of 2013” with governor Cuomo’s new gun law and mike bloomberg. They should vote them out of office and get more democrats in office before its too late!! Otherwise Cuomo gunna turn this country into a communist like Russia was and north Korea still is taking us NRA members and supporter’s and other gun owner’s firearm’s away from us. because what would be the purpose of the second amendment “the right to bear arms”. And I quote “the ahole Andrew Cuomo” he trying to make new York turn into a red dawn situation with civilians with no… Read more »


This is a reply to Jeff Morgan’s POST on September 18, 2013 at 11:59 AM. Jeff, first of all, thank you very much for taking the time to read “PART 1” OF THE FIRST FEATURED ARTICLE on the “NYSAFE Act.” Second, I wish to inform you that I am one of the founding members of Arbalest Group, LLC, publisher of “The Arbalest Quarrel” weblog, and I am in fact the author of the Article that you were kind enough to read, as posted on our “BLOG” web page. PLEASE REST ASSURED: MY ARTICLE ON THE “NYSAFE ACT” IS CATEGORICALLY NOT… Read more »

Jeff Morgan

The the SAFE act is a political ploy and failure, but this article is more of an advertisement for an attorney website…

Norman Swinehart

I think Governor Cuomo’s should be voted out of office or impeached for not honoring the Constitution of the United States of America.