The Shocker Kit From Wayne Carlton’s Calls

The Shocker Kit From Wayne Carlton's Calls
The Shocker Kit From Wayne Carlton’s Calls
Hunter's Specialties
Hunter’s Specialties

Cedar Rapids, IA –-( The new Shocker Kit from Wayne Carlton’s Calls contains two essential calls that will get a bull elk’s attention and then bring him in close for a shot.

The Shocker Kit comes with the Long Ranger Elk Call, an open reed style call that works as an aggressive, high pitched locator call. The Long Ranger will stimulate responses from bulls from longer distances and often produce bugles when normal calling doesn’t work.

The Shocker Kit also includes the Bull Hooker Cow Elk Call. The call features an internal reed design that simulates the sounds of a cow elk. The Bull Hooker has a finger operated membrane that allows users to increase pitch. Inflection and tonal changes are accomplished by cupping your hand over the end of the barrel.

The Shocker Kit from Wayne Carlton’s Calls can help hunters put their tag on a bull this fall. It sells for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

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