VersaCarry Concealed Carry Holster

VersaCarry Concealed Carry Holster
VersaCarry Concealed Carry Holster

Versa Carry conceal carry holsters( After taking my concealed carry class my instructor said, “Find a holster that is comfortable. If you don’t then you won’t carry your firearm as often.”

I quickly found that statement to be very true. I went through a revolving door of holsters and ended up not even carrying for awhile until I found the holster that solved all of my concealed carry problems, the VersaCarry Holster.

The main problem I was having with most of the holsters I had tried was that they added to much bulk to firearm.  I carry a Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace Laser on it.  The gun itself is extremely thin and makes it a great gun for concealed carry.  The only problem is that a bulky holster offsets the benefits of carrying a smaller firearm.

VersaCarry has the namesake of a zero bulk holster and it’s very true, the holster adds almost no bulk to any firearm.

Made out of very durable plastic the VersaCarry Holster is a very unique style holster by using a barrel retention rod to hold a firearm in place.  Simply slide the barrel retention rod into the barrel of your conceal carry gun and insert the gun and holster into your waistline.  The sturdy clip keeps the holster in place and doesn’t slide around at all.

The Barrel Retention Rod is what keeps the gun in place in the holster. You can buy caliber specific holsters to fit most of the popular concealed carry firearms.  The rod is made fifteen thousands of an inch below the barrels diameter.  This allows the gun to be held firmly into place and is still easy to draw the weapon.  The Barrel Retention Rod works a lot better than I thought it would.  It holds the gun in place so well you can turn it upside down and the gun won’t fall out.

The VersaCarry Holster has an ambidextrous trigger guard to help prevent accidently pulling the trigger.  The design of the clip and positioning allows the user to carry a firearm on almost any position on the waistline.

When you first look at the holster it doesn’t look very impressive.  After using it a lot, I probably wont use another type of holster.  I really like how slim it is and how is doesn’t add any bulk to the firearm at all.  It also works well with my Crimson Trace Laser.

There are a couple of features that some users may not like.  One side of the trigger will be exposed next to the user.  The ambidextrous trigger guard allows the user to block the trigger from one side that touches the pants leaving the other side exposed.  Some people may want a more secure covering of the trigger, but that usually means more bulk.  Users will also have to get used to a gun directly up against them without any padding.  For me, this wasn’t a big deal but like my instructor said, you have to find a holster that is comfortable for you.

VersaCarry offers the holster in designs for semi-auto model and revolver model.  For the semi-auto model VersaCarry make caliber specific models for 380 ACP, 9MM Luger, 357 SIG, 40 S&W, 10MM Auto and 45 ACP. The revolver model works for 38 Spl/357 Mag revolvers.  VersaCarry offers the holster in a variety of sizes to accommodate different barrel legths.  On the VersaCarry website they have a very easy to follow caliber and brand of firearm specific chart so you know which holster to order.

The design of the holster may not be for everyone, but I really like it.  It’s easy to use and doesn’t add any bulk.  Make sure to see it in action in this video.

  • Quality: Its made out of very durable plastic.  I have not seen any issues with the quality and I have been using one for about a year now.
  • Reliability: The Barrel Retention Rod ensures that the gun will be held in place and is easy to draw the weapon if that time comes.
  • Price/Value: The VersaCarry holster only costs about $25, making it very affordable.
  • Referability: If you are looking for a concealed carry holster that is easy to use and doesn’t add much bulk, you might want to go to

Order the VersaCarry Concealed Carry Holster online at Amazon :

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I have used Versacarry for over a year – one for my Glock, and also a new revolver version. Well made and comfortable – a great product for the price!

Howard Denny

Great Review, I use one of these daily for my XDS. I’m not shocked this product is still around, it is simple, inexpensive, and it works. I think the opening poster found it unsatisfactory because he didn’t think of it first. Who died and made you the concealed carry expert. I know two instructors who use this product regularly one of which who turned me onto the product.


I was a little hesitant when I first saw this holster, but after trying it with my compact Glocks and M&Ps, I can honestly say I’ll never use another leather or traditional kydex holster. Versacarry provides a holster that allows responsible citizens to carry much simpler, easier and more comfortable than before; which is the ultimate goal any way you slice it. Plus, they have fantastic customer support.

Buck Crosby

I have purchased and been using a VersaCarry for several months now , I carry a Springfield XDM 45 ACP compact and it carries great , I don’t have it next to my body because I tuck a tea shirt in between my firearm and my body , my only complain on the VersaCarry is in replacing the firearm after drawing it , I almost have to undress . This is only a problem when practicing the draw but it is a real pain in the neck .

John Harrold

I purchased one of these holsters for my Glock 23 to see if it would be a better holster. I like it so much that I ordered one for my Glock 30SF, plus my wife wanted one for her S&W M&P 40c pistol, so I ordered one for her. We love them and wear them every day.

Stevie J.

Great holster, I have three. Picked them up from Academy and use them every day.

Rob Pincus

I am surprised that this product is still on the market. I would not allow them to be used in classes and find them to be completely unsatisfactory in regard to safety for CCW use.