Wyoming Gov Matt Mead Hosts Gun Control Cover Party for CO’s Hickenlooper, Again

You can see the real Governor Hickenlooper here
You can see the real Governor Hickenlooper here
Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming –-(Ammoland.com)- You may remember how I told you about- Matt Mead using his staff to lobby against pro-gun legislation during the last session.

Or how Wyoming’s speaker of the house Tom Lubnau let the “cat out of the bag” on- Mead’s order to stop pro-gun bills from reaching his desk.

And with “Republican” senate leadership killing, not just one, but three pieces of pro-gun legislation — by now nothing should surprise you.

But wait till you see this textbook example of a PSYOPS operation, as if it was pulled from the pages of Saul Alinsky’s – Rules for Radicals.

And it has been staged right here in Wyoming!

The most notorious gun-grabbing politician ever in Colorado history — Governor John Hickenlooper — is coming to hang out with his pal Governor Matt Mead.

Here it comes…wait for it…and even brace yourself!

Matt Mead is hosting a shooting/hunting event along with Governor Hickenlooper at the One Shot Antelope Hunt in Lander Wyoming.

This isn’t the first time Mead has played along with the “camera tricks” in an effort to help out Obama’s favorite puppet Governor.

Last year a photo-op with Hickenlooper and Mead, that the Denver Post disingenuously portrayed as the, “Colorado governor touts Western spirit.”

Of course the Pro-Obama media conveniently left out that this brand of “western spirit” stopped on the other side of the Mississippi River.

You can see the real Governor Hickenlooper above:

Mead’s ongoing support of Liberal-Democrat Hickenlooper is a deliberate deception staged to show Hickenlooper in a “more favorable light.”

As you may know Hickenlooper joined in with the New York Governor by signing almost identical gun control into law in Colorado.

And just two days after a successful recall election with two bill sponsors of the gun control measures voted out of office — The propaganda machine is cranking out headlines like this: “Governor John Hickenlooper softens talk on gun control.”

Of course as you guessed it…Hickenlooper is up for re-election in 2014! — and next week the Spin Doctors plan to showcase Governor Hickenlooper as being pro-gun while he shoots guns with Matt Mead in Wyoming.

It’s important that we expose this plan to give Hickenlooper cover, especially when he is coming to our state trying to buy-back pro-gun accolades.

Most importantly, take action now.

Call Matt Mead’s office immediately and tell him to stop providing cover for this Liberal-Democrat gun-grabber.

This is the least we can do to stand with so many Colorado gun owners who have been so egregiously denied the right to keep and bear arms.

Mead’s office (307) 777-7434
Other contact info here

To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming Gun Owners is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed by Article 1 Section 24 of the Wyoming Constitution and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Wyoming Gun Owners is the only organization taking action at this level–with an aggressive program designed to mobilize public support for pro-gun legislation as well as opposition to gun control. www.wyominggunowners.org

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Christian – I resent your comment “Conspiracy nuts, allaya!”. I’ve spent more time in military and police careers than you probably have on God’s earth. You’re not being very Christian Mr. Christian, are you? Maybe it’s just a case of ‘Internet Ba$$s’?

Chris Christian

I’m going to oppose this action. We need some gun controls. I’m for getting Mead out on far more important issues than hosting a neighboring Governor to a traditional sporting event in Wyoming in support of his campaign. Doesn’t make Mead a Democrat and the Racist slurs being flung about in this article are intolerable in any political circle outside of the redneck, gun-totin’ Tea Potters. Whom, BTW lost all over Wyoming in the Primaries. Both Mead and YOU PEOPLE need to just go away. Conspiracy nuts, allaya!

Mad Mike

I just called the Wyoming Governers office. I wans told the govenor did not invite Hickenlooper to come to Wyoming as be a part of this or anything. Nor does Govenor Mead support Govenor Hickenlooper. He was invited by the One Shot gun club to partticipate in this event. Not to sure I believe this but is what I was told.


Recall sounds good and it works too.N.Y.S. needs a recall as well.


Good for you guys. Don’t let Mead get away with this.


Sound like a recall is in order for both states. Wait for elections, hell. If they ran for office on a lie, kick them out!


These hypocrites really make me sick. Like their really pro-gun! Come on Wyoming, throw the bum out next election. I hope the people of Colorado throw hickenslopper out next election too.

Buck Crosby

I made my call , left my message on recorder , because it is Saturday .


Time to pull a Colorado act on them. Recall anyone????


Yep…We can expect to see some photo op shots of Gov. Hickenlooper…Like Obama firing a skeet gun to prove he is an outdoorsman and shooter just like the rest of us responsible gun owner…Yeah…Right…The left will believe anything the CommieCRats put before them…Numb and dumb to the bone…Everyone of them…Hey…You Democrats that enjoy hunting and shooting…Be prepared for the worst and when it comes…Remember…No bitching…You asked for it!


,uh,…yeah right !


The only thing that surprises me is how many still hang their hopes on the Republicans to rescue them from the Democrats.

Wakey, wakey!


throw BOTH of the liars out of office and the other rino scumbag politicians….


Heart warming pic of CO Gov. aint it ? These fools like Morse and Giron who were just recalled plus this POS here like to have them pics.of themselves and the african muslim dont they ? Unreal !