Completely Customize Your Crossbow with the Carbon Express Intercept

The new Carbon Express Intercept allows shooters to completely modify their crossbow from end to end, top to bottom, for truly custom fit, function and look.
By: Tim Herald

Carbon Express Intercept Customizable Crossbow
Carbon Express Intercept Customizable Crossbow
Carbon Express
Carbon Express

Flushing, Michigan –-( Carbon Express is known as a true innovator in the arrow world, but ever since they entered the crossbow market a few years ago, they have stayed true to form by bringing out new and improved crossbows every year, and each just gets better and better.

This year is no exception, and the new Intercept is the most customizable crossbow to ever hit the market. If you want a crossbow that you can truly make “yours”, the Intercept is what you have been waiting for.

The Intercept is not just another new model; it is the first in a new category of crossbows from Carbon Express that will be known as I-crossbows. They are crossbows that “I” can make exactly the way “I” want them by adjustments, customizations, etc.

You can shoot the Intercept right out of the box, and shoot it well. It comes with everything you need and certainly performs to Carbon Express’ high standards. When you purchase an Intercept, you get a quick detach 3-arrow quiver, 3 Carbon Express exclusive Maxima Blue Streak 20″ crossbolts, a deluxe 4 x 32 lighted scope with red/green illuminations for varying light conditions, rail lubricant, rope cocker and practice points, but it is all the other features of the Intercept that make it really stand out from the rest of the high quality Carbon Express line.

The Intercept is adjustable for personal fit that makes you a more consistent and accurate shooter. There is an AR style adjustable and folding butt stock. It has an adjustable 8-position Picatinny stock rail for ideal length of pull from 12” up to 17 ½” for consistent and fitted shoulder mount. The actual stock that attaches to the rail is a 6-position AR pull style butt-stock with collapsible feature for easy storage and transport. This gives shooters a truly custom fit.

There is also an adjustable 9” Picatinny fore grip rail to accommodate any shooting style for enhanced repeat performance. You decide where you want the fore grip, and set it at that point on the rail. You can also further customize by choosing from a plethora of aftermarket AR type fore grips that will fit to the rail. The Intercept also has quick detach (QD) scope mounts on 15” of Picatinny top rail for precision scope position to ensure proper eye relief and clear field of view on every shot. This is also handy for travel as you can remove the scope and reattach in the same spot without loss of accuracy.

There are multiple connection points on the 29” of overall Picatinny rail that allows the Intercept to accommodate most military or commercial spec parts. This allows the hunter to take advantage of the entire worldwide aftermarket for tactical guns. Hunters can customize: stock, grip, fore grip, scope/sight, sling, as well as add a number of additional shooting accessories.

Other notable features of the Intercept are that it accepts AR style slings with 2 sling studs on the riser and 1 sling plate located on the butt stock, as well as patent pending, low-profile compact foot stirrup.

One of the things I am personally most excited about is the rifle like 3.5 pound, no creep trigger. This will greatly increase accuracy, and quite honestly has been one of my biggest complaints with crossbows over the years.

Carbon Express Intercept Customizable Crossbow
Carbon Express Intercept Customizable Crossbow

The size and power of the Intercept round out the long list of characteristics that make this my favorite crossbow that has ever hit the market. It is only 13.5” axle to axle when cocked and weighs in at 8.3 pounds without scope. This makes the Intercept very convenient to shoot in a ground blind or treestand. It has a 13.5” power stroke and a 175 lb draw weight that shoots bolts at an incredible 360 feet per second and delivers 122 foot pounds of kinetic energy. I plan on taking the Intercept to Africa in a few months as it will be easy to pack, convenient to shoot from a blind, and I know it has more than enough power to take down everything we will hunt all the way up to a 2000-pound eland bull.

The Intercept is truly revolutionary. You can adjust virtually every part of it for a custom fit, and then you can trick it out with an almost unlimited number of aftermarket AR parts to make your Intercept a one of a kind for you. That and Carbon Express’ proven quality and promise to Shoot Better, make the Intercept a no brainer for hunters who absolutely want the best of the best on the crossbow market today.

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