Concealed Carry Permit Holder Thwarts Robbery Concord, N.C.

– The Independent Tribune, Concord, N.C. 10/09/13

Guns Save Lives
Guns Save Lives

USA –-( Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family.

“We believe that the American public deserve to understand that on the average, guns save 2,191 lives and are used to thwart crimes every day,” says Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation

Most times you won’t see these tales on the news as it does not fit the main stream media’s story line of “Guns and Gun Owners are Bad“.

This is just one of those stories;

Gary Spencer was waiting in his truck in the parking lot of a bank, as his wife deposited a check, when he spotted two men just outside the bank struggling over a money bag.

One of the men had waited while the other withdrew $5,000 from the bank, and was now using a stun gun to incapacitate his victim and steal the money. Spencer, who along with his wife, are Right-to-Carry permit holders, drew a .380 pistol from his wife’s purse, ran to the site of the attack and confronted the robber. Upon seeing Spencer’s gun, the criminal fled without the cash.

Following the incident, Spencer said to a local media outlet of his actions, “Do you want to help somebody if they’re in need of help, or are you going to turn your head… and act like it’s not going on?

I don’t see it as a hero thing. I just see it as me stepping up for somebody who needed a hand.” (The Independent Tribune, Concord, N.C. 10/09/13)

About the Guns Save Lives Series:
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Don, you had me going there for a minute but you came through at the end. I thought you provided a well-reasoned analysis and an appropriate proposed response.


If this man had fired his weapon he would likely be in jail. I doubt that the stun gun would be considered to be a deadly weapon, and therefore deadly force was not justified.
Personally, I believe he should have double_tapped the perp.


I applaud Mr. Spencer. Sir, well done.
(I have legally carried for sixty years)


That guy deserves a medal for breaking up the robbery…


Another fine example of how a law abiding citizen used a lawfully carried firearm to cause the bad guy to turn tail and run away,
without firing a single shot.