Dan Coonan Responds to TTAG Article ‘Coonan Throws In With False Flag Gun Org Evolve’

Dan Coonan Responds to TTAG Article ‘Coonan Throws In With False Flag Gun Org Evolve

Dan Coonan
Legendary Gun Designer Dan Coonan defends association with Evolve gun control group.
Coonan Inc Firearms
Coonan Inc Firearms

BLAINE, MN –-(Ammoland.com)- Most important, I am a firm supporter of our Second Amendment rights – all of them!

My goal, and the proposed goal of the relationship with EVOLVE ( http://evolvetogether.us/ ), is to shift the single-pointed focus of gun related violence and the social/economic/political aspects that are promoting a culture of violence in this country.

Evolve is intending to bridge the gap between the extremely large number of people that are caught in the middle of this debate and shift the focus of the debate to the root causes of violence, as well as promote firearm safety and responsible ownership.

The first step is to start a common dialogue between gun owners and non-gun owners. We at Coonan, Inc. support that dialogue and want to help nurture that growth in the proper direction.

We understand the enormity and sensitivity of a project like this, and ask that you please be patient with the development of this effort.


AboutCoonan Inc.

Coonan Inc. manufactures firearms created by the legendary gun designer, Dan Coonan. In addition to the .357 Magnum Automatic, Coonan Inc. also makes a full range of FAL receivers and machines a wide range of high-precision gun and other parts.  http://coonaninc.com/

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    1. WOW! Poor old guy is suffering from dementia or something… RIP Conan (& ur useless company). Take up Basket-weaving; leave GUNS alone. For ur own safety – PLEASE!

    2. Mr. Coonan, let me give you an example of a society in which the population are allowed no firearms whatsoever. There are hundreds of such communities in America. Where are these oases of peace and tranquility? They exist behind the walls of our Nation’s prisons, where the weak are beaten, raped, and murdered by the more brutal and depraved among themselves in a gun-free paradise! What anti-gunners refuse to recognize is that responsible firearms ownership affords us the liberty to enjoy our children and grandchildren, to earn a living, and to live our lives in freedom without having to worry about being rendered helpless in the face of potential violent predators. Those who bleat for gun control are for the most part people who are too cowardly, too ignorant, and/or too lazy to assume their God-given right to and responsibility for self-defense and the defense of their loved ones. And since misery loves company, the gun-ban crowd would force the penitentiary model of gun control upon all of us. The gun-haters equate weakness with security, and confuse strength with violence. Yes, there will always be a relative minority of those miscreants among us who choose to abuse their liberty, but that is no reason for liberty to be be torn away from the vast majority, i.e. those of us who would never abuse our Second Amendment rights or any other right in a criminal manner. No one, and I mean no one, has the right to dictate to free people of good will that they must be disarmed in the name of making cowards, criminals, and politicians somehow feel “safer.” There is nothing quite so perilous as living in a nation where a significant number of the citizenry have been brainwashed into actually despising their freedom and that of their fellow citizens.

    3. “We should not live in a society where people feel that they have to be armed to be safe”.


      Now, genius, tell us where Utopia is. We’re really getting bored with REALITY. The worst enemy of a Free People is “government”. Check history for the last 150 years for many examples to prove my statement.

    4. wow rest in peace coonan arms , its to bad that a once respected firearms company dies from a fall off the political fence . they can say what ever helps them sleep at night but that fence is way to narrow to sit on for long.

    5. We should not live in a society where people feel that they have to be armed to be safe, or that their house must be a fortress to be secure.” On the topic of home security, Dan Coonan says, “Get a dog “.

      Evolve, the gun responsibility not-for-profit has teamed up with innovative pistol manufacturer Coonan Inc. to open a new dialog: Become a responsible gun owner, don’t be a dumbass.


      1. I will thank Coonan for being honest and showing his true anti-gun colors…..odd for a Gun manufacturer but what ever floats your boat…..Now I know not to buy his products and to spread the word about his stance.

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