Defend Yourself, Get Fired – So Says Nouria Energy Corporation

Shannon Cothran
Shannon Cothran pulled his .380 Ruger handgun on a man attempting to rob the Nashua gas station where he worked. The alleged robber fled and Cothran lost his job.
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

New Hampshire –-( I have good news and bad news. In the early morning hours of Monday, October 14th 2013, a clerk named Shannon Cothran used a firearm to save his life while working at the Shell gas station on Main Street in Nashua.

His reward, he was fired by his anti gun employer Nouria Energy Corporation of Worcester Massachusetts for using a firearm to save his own life.

The Nashua Telegraph is reporting that a robber, armed with a knife threated Mr. Cothran and he responded by drawing and pointing his legally carried handgun at the robber who then fled on foot.

Nashua Police Lt. Denis Linehan is quoted in the Nashua Telegraph as saying;

“In this situation, the clerk was presented with a deadly weapon. He was in close proximity to the suspect when the deadly weapon was displayed to him. The clerk, from the information I have , took the appropriate action in terms of how he felt threatened in presenting the firearm.”

Instead of firing Mr. Cothran, Nouria Energy should give him, a 10 YEAR EMPLOYEE, a raise and promotion. When faced with a deadly weapon, he displayed his firearm and sent the criminal running. No shots were fired, no lives were lost but at least one life was saved by a lawfully carried firearm. Mr. Cothran exerised courage and self control but Massachusetts based Nouria Energy prohibits it's employees from carrying firearms.

They would rather be targeted by gut less criminals than allow their employees to be self reliant and defend them selves.

News reports show that Mr. Cothran is a hard working, family man. A model citizen. He followed the law, obtained a license and fortunately, he had his gun when he needed it most.

Action Item: Contact Nouria Energy and demand that they reinstate Mr. Cothran. Tell them that employees like Mr. Cothran are not easy to find. Also tell Nouria Energy that you resent them attempting to bring Massachusetts anti gun values to New Hampshire.

Nouria Energy Corporation
326 Clark Street
Worcester, MA 01606
(508) 762-3700 Phone
Or Send email [email protected]

The actions of Nouria Energy, endangers all of their other employees. Now the local criminal element is well aware of their policy of disarmament. They have created gun free victim rich zones at all of their stores.

Action Item 2: There is a rally planned for Saturday, October 19 2013, 2PM in front of the Shell Station, 301 Main Street, Nashua. Please come out and support Mr. Cothran. The rally was organized by his friend Kevin Boyle as reported by The Telegraph.

Thanks for your support!
Jonathan R Evans
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

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  • 26 thoughts on “Defend Yourself, Get Fired – So Says Nouria Energy Corporation

    1. I was wrongfully terminated today as A store manger.

      They were caught in a few lies and will have their day in court.

      I will keep you all posted on this matter with details once I get approval from my attorney.

      They are also breaking other laws that I plan on exposing to the courts, State and media as well.

      I will NOT rest until justice is served!

    2. just sent an eMail:
      Hi, just to confirm: Your company policy is :

      “We do respect the constitutional right to bear arms. However, we believe the best way to keep our employees and customers safe is to prohibit weapons in the workplace.”

      Do you have also rules for your customers to protect the life of your workers, especially the bad once???

      What is happened to the USA?


      Regine Kj…….


    3. Unfortunately it appears that Nouria Energy would rather pay Death Benefits then allow an employee defend company property and his own life lawfully!

      Who would want to do business with a politically correct company like this one????!!

    4. I will never purchase fuel from any shell station again. If shell can not understand that a person has a right to defend themselves then they do not deserve my business or yours. Stop all purchases from all shell operated stations any where in this country. Just think if you had been in that store under this situation making a purchase as a customer, you could have been robbed or injured or killed, just like the employee working there. This person had the guts to take the the responsibility to protect himself and anyone else there, and I for one thank you for your actions in making this thug run out . You deserve a raise not a pink slip, and if shell can not understand that, then shell here is your pink slip, you are fired from my puchasing power. My money spends all over town and it will not be at another shell station.

    5. The resent decision by management shows a lack of leadership and foresight. The fact that they could not render better disciplinary actions other than firing a employee that protected himself shows that management is short sighted and unable to make proper decisions. It has been said that the only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. To punish this employee for protecting himself and the store is just short of criminal.

    6. Good lord, what is wrong with companies these days? A woman who worked at Loews for 18 years gets fired the other day for trying to stop a shoplifter, and now this guy gets fired for defending himself against an armed thief?

      To the self-righteous idiots at Nouria Energy who decided to fire this dedicated employee, all I can say is: get your heads out of your rear-end and use the brain God gave you.

      I truly hope one of you gets robbed one night and you don’t have a weapon to defend yourself.


    7. So, in the future, be selfish. Don’t think about protecting your company’s assets and property. Just think about saving your own butt from prosecution, if you survive the ordeal.

    8. Too bad this guy did not give this criminal every thing in the store and the money, and helped him load it in his vehicle. Hind sight is 20/20 and you can’t know the outcome. Guy might have killed him anyway. Not that I think that he should have been a coward, but what the owner deserved. I think the law of the land is: you have a right to defend yourself when your life is in danger and this calls for a good lawyer and lawsuit for practicing his right to defend himself. This should be a corner stone for the NRA on all states that deny it’s citizens this right which is in the constitution.Sue the bastard and I mean for money. Make them pay. That will stop that! When they have to come off money, all of a sudden they get greedy and believe in the law.

    9. BOYCOTT SHELL. Take it to the “big cheese”, and let them know that We, the People, have the power to bankrupt them. I’m sure they’ll let their retailers know.

    10. The messege this sends is that ALL of their stores can be robbed and the cashiers can not protect themselves. So if anyone needs cash for anything ,just go to one of these fine UNDEFENDED stores and help yourself.

    11. Sadly, the lawyers and insurance companies are responsible for this.

      Lawyers will tell you an employer “must” create a working environment “free of foreseeable hazards” (loose rugs, unguarded moving parts, flimsy desks, etc) or they must take remedial action to minimize the danger to employees (fire suppression in kitchens for example). By not prohibiting guns they may be brought into the workplace. If someone is hurt, eager lawyers will blame the employer for not prohibiting the action. This is why employee handbooks say no to firearms and other weapons.

      Because lawyers are so eager to sue, insurance companies demand to review employee handbooks. If you haven’t put the prohibition in, they’ll insist you do before they will insure you. They don’t want the liability and most won’t even write an exclusive waiver of coverage.

      It gets worse. Now corporate lawyers recommend management should fire any employee who tells them they have a restraining order against someone for acts or threats of violence. If your sister, daughter or friend is going through an ugly divorce and has a TRO, she should NOT tell her employer or she’s likely to be fired.

      Why? Because lawyers will say the holder of the order is a “magnet” for the violent third-party and the employer “knows or should have known” that said 3rd-party might come after the employee at the workplace. That makes the employee a hazard to other employees. As one lawyer told me, “If you had a top heavy vending machine that could tip over on people, you get rid of it or replace it.”

      That’s it in a nutshell. Your 5, 10, 18, 29 years of faithful service don’t count for cow dung to employers and their legal staff. You’re gone, just like that vending machine. You can be replaced.

      Ironically – or perverted as only lawyers can do – some lawyers are now suing the employees (or their estates) if they FAIL to notify their employer they have a restraining order. The theory is that their failure to warn the employer caused the injuries at the workplace.

      Great. Tell your boss, lose your job.
      Don’t tell the boss, risk your financial future.

      No wonder lawyers are hated more than Congress.

    12. Mr Cothran needs to contact Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada and tell them his story. I can pretty much guarantee that upon hearing that he had the presence of mind to be legally armed, the fortitude to pull his weapon in a life threatening situation and the common sense not to pull the trigger when it wasn’t necessary because the coward who accosted him ran away like a scared little girl, they will congratulate him for doing the right thing and will then offer him a job as a Front Sight instructor. They have done it before, and I don’t thing you could find a better organization to work for.

    13. Nouria Energy Corporation
      326 Clark Street
      Worcester, MA 01606


      Your decision to discharge Mr. Cothran for his use of a legally possessed firearm to defend himself, your patrons and your store is cowardly and despicable!
      It must be pretty easy for you to sit in your protected and insulated home environment, knowing how unlikely it is someone will jump into your face while
      brandishing a deadly weapon, demanding all your money, possessions or while threatening your family members.

      I picture your insurance underwriter and your corporate attorney, making a similar decision, to direct employees to just avert their eyes and comply with
      a criminal intent on stealing whatever they could. You sure are a real risk taker with other people’s lives! And your officers and consultants are equally as
      cowardly in recommending such a ridiculous response to a life threatening situation!

      I for one, am certainly glad you’ve chosen to keep your operation based in New England. For one, I won’t have to look for an alternative place of business
      to shop for convenience items and gasoline. Secondly, I would find it unconscionable to do business with a company who could so patently abandon a loyal
      employee, one who literally risked his life and health to secure and preserve your company assets, including his own life!

      How do you sleep at night?


      R. Steven Reese
      Morrisville, NC 27560

    14. hopefully all of their employees will now just hand over ALL the cash in their stores to the robber and let him fill his car with gas and say “thank you for robbing my employer” and take a coffee with you and come back often !!!!

    15. I too dropped them a ‘line’. I drive thru NH, down thru Worcester every weekend to my ladies home. I now know where to not stop for gas. Their site shows locations of all their stations, and i copied it. Say good bye to my weekly business. Oh, and I drive a truck.

    16. Boycott ALL Shell gas stations nation wide. If widespread enough and it hurts Shell Oil enough, Shell Oil will dictate appropriate terms to their distributors, including this spineless, anti-American company.

    17. If I lived in N. Hampshire where the gas staion is, I would never give them my business again. Being passive and giving the jerks the money does NOT mean they won’t kill you any way. The company is following the anti 2nd ammendment people in our government. Way to go Shannon. Good luck in finding a new job.

    18. Hope the folks in Nashua are intelligent enough to realize what’s going on here and “boycott” that Shell gas station till the re-hire Mr. Cothran!

    19. Second Amendment supporters in New England need to boycott Nouria Energy’s stations throughout New England.

      Is anyone surprised that Nouria Energy is not run by an American? From their website: Tony El-Nemr, Predident & CEO of Nouria Energy, emigrated from Lebanon in 1983. Twitter: #NouriaEnergyIsAntiRights

      We need to keep the discussion going and tell our message loud and clear that anyone who is against responsible gun ownership is Anti-Rights!

    20. I do not believe the company in any way supports the second amendment or this young man would still have a job. Had the robber stabbed and killed the attendant I guess that would be fine with management but God forbid an individual defend himself.
      I wish this fine young man great success, may he find a job where he will be appreciated and may Nouria find a new country to operate in. God bless America and the Constitution.

    21. It’s all about the money unfortunately. An injured or dead employee? Or, lower insurance (i.e. liability) premiums? Nouria made the long term ‘cheaper’ choice, so you have to hit them where it hurts; in their pocketbook! Boycott and disrupt their business. I’d suggest that any former employee hurt in a robbery get a ‘shark’ lawyer and sue their pants off!It’s the only thing they understand. God Bless you and good luck Mr. Cothran!

    22. I just read the article.
      I hope “the right thing” is done.
      As a 72 year old female, I am ashamed
      of some of our spineless Americans.
      May God bless America, in spite of us.

      Ethel Perry
      San Miguel, CA. 93451

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