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United Kingdom –-(Ammoland.com)-  The headlines this week: Pippa Middleton, Amazonian Olympians, magazine loses Christmas cheer, public on rampage after elephant shot, rhino competition and resuscitating bull sharks.

It’s bad news for the antis but good news for the Dubarry boot company. Sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, is in the headlines this week after a picture of her and a group of friends at a pheasant hunt appeared on Twitter – and she is wearing Dubarry boots. She is enjoying a 50-bird pheasant shoot with friends near Edinburgh.

Brazil’s 2016 Olympians could be Amazonian – literally. Talent scouts are going native searching jungle tribes for archers and kayakers capable of winning gold at Rio 2016. The tribal archers can shoot birds in flight at up to 100 metres and are skilled kayakers and canoeists too. Watch the film: http://youtu.be/DkZKa69zRCs

An American TV host has had his series cancelled after shooting an elephant. “Under Wild Skies,” a hunting show sponsored by the National Rifle Association, has been cancelled after the show’s host, NRA lobbyist Tony Makris, shot an elephant and then compared his critics to Hitler. A http://www.Causes.com petition asking NBC to drop the show generated support from more than 100,000 people in five days. Watch the film: http://youtu.be/p8PzTlmwCzw

The BBC’s Countryfile magazine, seeking gifts for the Christmas gift guide approached the Countryside Alliance. It then went cold turkey and turned down an ad for the CA’s online shop and Countryside Marketplace, allegedly because of the group’s involvement in ‘political lobbying’.
Want to win £15,000 and a ten-day trip to the Kruger National Park in South Africa? There’s a new competition to design an unmanned aerial drone that can track rhino poachers. You can only spend up to £2,000 on equipment and software. For details, visit http://www.wcUAVc.com. This film shows one of the entrants, Aliyah Pandolfi: http://youtu.be/F7ofXTEo7oQ

And finally, you have to respect one angler’s commitment to catch-and-release. After reeling in a 300-pound bull shark, fishermen in Florida removed the hook from the shark’s mouth and released it back to the ocean. When it failed to swim away immediately, a courageous fisherman jumped into the water to help revive it. Bull sharks are considered one of the world’s most likely to attack humans. Watch the film: http://youtu.be/cs_5kH9A3QA

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It is a shame she can go hunting, but the general population in England can’t. Double standards there. It is not that you can’t own or use guns, but who you are.