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DeKalb, Illinois – Mike Emert, formerly of the God and Guns podcast, and Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical and the Get A G.R.I.P program join Jake this week to discuss the opportunities that are going to be available on the Firearms Insider Community when it launches on October 15.

Mike has left God and Guns to exclusively lead the Firearms Insider Community for the Firearms Radio Network.

“It’s going to be an adventure and I’m looking forward to it,” says Mike.  With the addition of Troy as the new co-host at God and Guns, “the timing could not have worked out any better.”

Nikki is the founder of Archangel Tactical and the Director of Training for the Get a G.R.I.P. program.  The purpose of both is to train women in the skills necessary for use of a firearm in the personal protection context.  Nikki travels extensively across the United States to train others. She is also a regular contributor to the Beretta Blog.

As the host of the new Firearms Insider podcast Nikki hopes to appeal “to everyone, even some people who may not necessarily be pro-gun, but may just be curious or undecided.  I want to create an environment where we focus more on the behind the scenes stuff … and the people in this industry.”

The Firearms Insider Podcast will be a source of information about how the industry operates, the characters within the firearms industry, and the debate over the application of the Second Amendment.

The Firearms Insider Community will also have a Gun and Gear Review podcast that will be hosted by Devin from Pennsylvania.  That podcast will focus on evaluations of both firearms and accessories that are performed by personalities from across FRN.  However, the Community will also offer its viewers the chance to provide their very own reviews of those same items.

Once again Paul Levy from Brownell’s is with Jake to explain the Lewis Lead Remover.  Introduced in 1954, the lead remover is a product designed to de-lead pistol barrels mechanically with brass patches that you pull through the barrel.  When the patches come through the barrel the brass patches pull the lead from the lands and grooves in the barrel.  Since 2003 the product has been sold with the Brownell’s brand name. Although it isn’t necessary to use solvents with this tool, Paul recommends that it be used in combination with J-B Bore Compound.

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