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Florida Carry
Florida Carry

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- Today Florida Carry lead attorney Eric Friday gave testimony before the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee to support your basic human rights of self-defense. VIDEO HERE

It is a basic principal of law that the harms that come about due to a criminal attack are the responsibility of the criminal who perpetrated the crime. This is not a new invention of the legislature but a longstanding tenant of law.

There are legislators who are now actively seeking to pass legislation that would punish law abiding citizens who act in necessary defense of themselves, their friends, and their families rather than placing that liability on the criminal should any harm befall a bystander due to an act of self-defense.

We won’t stand for it!

“The idea that a person who acts to save a life should be punished along with the criminal is disgusting.” said Sean Caranna, Executive Director of Florida Carry.

We’re working hard in the courts and in the legislature to protect your right to protect yourself.

Florida Carry is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental civil right of all Floridians to keep and bear arms for self defense as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I Section 8 of the Florida Constitution. Florida Carry, Inc. was organized by a group of Florida gun rights activists in order to better coordinate activities, effectively lobby the state legislature, and to provide a legal entity capable of filing suit to demand compliance with state and federal law. Florida Carry stands only to represent our members and the over 6 million gun owners of Florida. We are not beholden to any national organization’s agenda that may compromise that mission.
Florida Carry works tirelessly toward repealing and striking down ill-conceived gun control laws that have been proven to provide safe havens to criminals and be deadly to law abiding citizens.

Florida Carry
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Tn. Patriot

This liberal plague is spreading across our great country. A SHTF situation is comming folks. Remember all the hollow point rounds ordered by all our government agencies. It’s coming to a street near you. Keep your eyes open.


It seems like since the Travon Martin incident, FL has turned from a pro-gun state to a CA or NY. They need to remember who won at that trial. Time to pull a CO on the turncoat lawmakers, there.

D. Murphy

Let me guess, the politicians who want to “punish” citizens who protect themselves from criminals ar democrates? I live in FL and all those liberals who have “escaped” from the very states they corrupted are now in the process of corrupting Florida with their liberal and statist ways.