From The Hospital Bed To The Gym – Thanks Wilderness Athlete

By Tracy Breen

Eric Smith from Reno, Nevada
Eric Smith from Reno, Nevada
Wilderness Athlete
Wilderness Athlete

Phoenix, AZ--(  There are a variety of reasons people use Wilderness Athlete nutritional products. Hunters use Wilderness Athlete to stay in shape for hunting season.

Some use them to keep themselves fueled while they are fishing, climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking or training for an endurance race.

Eric Smith from Reno, Nevada started using Wilderness Athlete products because he wanted to lose a lot of weight so he would be able to do outdoor activities like hunt with his son.

“In May 2011, I was very ill and was hospitalized for a week or so. They never figured out what was wrong with me but I was extremely heavy. When I got out of the hospital, I decided I needed to lose weight. My son was only two years old at the time and I feared I wouldn’t be able to do things with him if I didn’t get into shape,” Smith said.

So Smith got focused.  He enrolled in the Train To Hunt program and started using Wilderness Athlete products.

“I started to exercise daily and stopped drinking soda and eating poorly,” Smith said. “By exercising, eating right and using Wilderness Athlete, I started losing weight.”

Smith did more than lose some weight. He has lost eighty pounds over the last couple years and has successfully kept it off. Smith even runs races now; something he never would have dreamed of doing before he started getting in shape.

“I use Wilderness Athlete products every day. and they have helped me a lot. I use almost all every they have, including the High Performance Multi-Vitamin and the Meal Replacement and Recover Shakes.  I take a shake for breakfast often and I drink Hydrate & Recover all the time.  I used to drink soda; now that I drink Hydrate & Recover, I have drastically reduced my overall sugar intake.”

Although Smith has had a lot of success over the last couple years, it has been a battle. “Some people lose weight quickly and easily.  That wasn’t the case for me.  It has been a long road,” Smith said with a laugh. “It has been as much of a mental game as a physical game for me. The good news is I have so much more muscle now than I did before. I am in better shape now than when I was twenty years old and that has made all the work worth it.”

Since Smith is no longer drinking soda and unhealthy energy drinks that are packed with sugar and he no longer has the health issues that are symptomatic with being overweight.

“I used to be very unhealthy but that is no longer the case. Hydrate & Recover has replaced all that so I am proud to say I am no longer battling health challenges which has been a big boost for me,” Smith noted.

Healthy eating has now become a daily habit for Smith. “We now have organic fruits and vegetables delivered to our door weekly.  We eat very healthy now.  I do cross-fit training at the local gym and use Wilderness Athlete to help be get thru the intense workouts and recover.  All of these things have helped me get where I am today,” Smith explained.

Eric said the one Wilderness Athlete product he couldn’t live without is Hydrate & Recover ( ).  Wilderness Athlete is The Authority on Performance Nutrition.  To order your products, click here:

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