How Close To Get To A Roosted Turkey, Mossy Oak Pro Staff Perry Peterson

Mossy Oak
Mossy Oak

WEST POINT, MS –-( In this video, Perry shares some tips on how close to get to a roosted turkey.  These tips will help you avoid getting to close to a bird and bumping it from the roost.

Perry Peterson of Manchester, Iowa is the Mossy Oak Regional Turkey Pro Staff Manager for Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.

He is a long-time employee with the City of Manchester Public Works Department.

Perry Peterson
Perry Peterson

Perry started hunting some 36 years ago, when he was 8.  His dad would take him rabbit and pheasant hunting.

He started turkey hunting around 20 years ago and developed a passion for the sport.

He currently is involved with the NWTF, serving the last 16 years as his local chapter’s president, 11 years on the Iowa State NWTF Board of Directors.

He also serves as NWTF District Director for the eastern half of Iowa.

Perry’s main focus the last several years has been introducing new people to hunting.

He spends much of his time taking young kids, the older generation, and the handicapped out into the woods.

Through the NWTF Perry also hosts JAKES hunts for young members of the organization.

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Since when has it been legal to shoot turkeys on the roost? This is a bad and unsportsman-like as using automatic deer feeders to lure deer to the slaughter. Apparently some hunters have no ethics or morals.