Is A Home Based Federal Firearms License Even Possible?

Home Based FFL by the Numbers
Home Based FFL by the Numbers

Sioux Falls, SD –-( Have you ever walked into your local gunshop and said you were thinking of getting an FFL, from your home address?

How long did it take the entire staff at the local gunshop to tell you that you are an idiot and that getting a home based FFL is impossible?

This scenario plays out every day and continues to contribute to the urban legend that a home based (kitchen table) FFL approval is illegal and impossible!

We decided to do a little research and see exactly what percentage of FFL holders actually have a “commercial” address.

If the gunshop was correct, the commercial addresses for the FFL’s physical addresses would be 100%.  We went to the ATF website and downloaded all the USA FFL holder’s information, which includes their physical address.  We then found a website that has the same database as the US postal service uses to determine if an address is residential or commercial,  We decided to remove pawnshops (Type 02 FFL holders) and then we uploaded the data to for determining whether the address was a commercial or residential address.

We were shocked to find that 64% of the FFL holders are home based.  California was at 49%, New Jersey at 51% and even Massachusetts at 42%….

Why would anyone want a FFL?  If you asked every FFL holder why they applied, we suspect the answer would be to buy firearms at wholesale prices.  ATF won’t approve 100% personal usage, so you will need to be willing to help others with transfers and maybe help a few friends get some great deals!

Normally the gun hobby turns into applying for an FFL and then as time evolves you can expand and grow as you see fit or let expire after three years when time to renew!

Data from the article was provided by, the leaders in helping gun enthusiasts get their FFL correctly the first time.

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M P Ríos

Just curious in knowing, if a person holds an FFL in one state, and he performs multiple transactions online in another state, and does this at his place of employment and uses his employer’s internet, is that legal?


I just got my copy of “Midnight Ride” from OathKeepers. In it, they explain how all the laws that “infringe” our right to keep and bare arms, are in themselves illegal Unconstitutional laws. The Constitution, including the 2A, are the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, and any pissant tyrants who write laws contrary to it are skating on thin ice these days. People are waking up to the fact that there is a traitorous agenda being foisted on the dumbed down citizen, which includes plans to disarm the population and institute a full blown police state, like what we saw… Read more »

Gary Grubb

I find it very hard to believe that getting FFL permits are that easy in NJ. What I went thru to buy one handgun makes these stories hard to believe and I am as clean as you can be.


I have an ffl and here in SC you can do transfers from home I do it all the time, I also ship guns most of my sales are done online, people tell me what kind of gun they want.i get half down. when gun comes back if they cant pass back ground they loose $100 of their money


I live in FL, I met someone doing the same. Buys wholesale and resells but has product delivered to customer not his home. At least that’s what I believe from what I remember. How do you do it?


Did this data include C&R FFL’s. I’d be willing to bet most C&R FFL’s are residential, just want to ensure that the data is in fact skewed by collector FFL’s.


I have run a gunsmith shop out of my garage for the last 35 years. I obtained an FFL in order to ship & receive guns through the USPS and UPS. I also custom ordered guns for customers and did transfers. I had a BATF agent inspect my books and my business once. He said that since I was not inside the city limits, my home did not require a business designation. But he did advise that a business license would be advised to completely satisfy the BATF. I’ve had one ever since, and I have a state sales tax… Read more »


what state are you in, the atf called me and said i cant do transfers from home address


I’d love to get a class 3 FFL but, I worry about being placed on a dreaded “list” which the govt can use later to pinpoint gun owners. I know, I know, I’m probably being paranoid but, with King Zero in office, who knows what’s coming our way.

Dr Dave

Here in Orange County Florida there is no way to get an FFL from a home address as well. It is the COUNTY that says no not the BATF. BATF cares not but here in Orange the sheriff says no way PLUS the tax collector who issues business permits (required for an FLL) says no. I spoke at length with the owner at FFL123 and he assured me it was doable but I started some due diligence on my own and found out no way. PLUS there is another issue. In FL if you are denied an FFL for ANY… Read more »


Even if you are denied for your 1st time? I have my CC in FL and was looking into an FFL. Can they really take away for CC as well for no reason?

Jeff Morelock

I looked at starting from home – it was allowed in Pinellas County FL (Tampa Bay Area) but the commercial real estate market is so bad down here commercial space is cheap and landlords are willing to negotiate.


Getting a UPS store address opens another can of worms. They don’t allow firearms to be shipped in or out of their UPS store sites. You can not have a firearm delivered to an address not on the FFL. Ergo, you can not have firearms delivered to your FFL address. Is it the BATFE that says you need a commercial address or your county?

Gerald Tull

Go to your UPS Store. They rent mail boxes that give you a commercial address. When I checked the last time. a 12x12x24 box was under 100.00 a year

Bob Koch

Went through FFL123 and it did not help. King county Wa. Will not give you a license for the home. You have to have a commercial address. I went in person and talked with them to no avail. It was a done deal if I had the commercial address. Could not afford the $1500 a month to even get started. King county sucks the life out of everything.

Harry Rainey

That is how Rieg’s Guns started in the 1970’s in Orlando, Fl. The late Mr. Russell Harned, a tennis instructor & FFL holder in Mt. Plymouth, Fl sold guns out of his house for years. Maybe it was easier in the old days.