Justice Alito: Self-Defense is ‘The Central Component’ of the 2nd Amendment

Justice Alito
Justice Alito: Self-Defense is ‘The Central Component' of the 2nd Amendment
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  With the war against self-defense currently being waged via the Democrat-led attack on “Stand Your Ground” laws, it's important to revisit Associate Justice Samuel Alito's words from McDonald v Chicago (2010): “Individual self-defense is ‘the central component' of the 2nd Amendment right.”

McDonald v Chicago was a case brought by Otis McDonald against gun bans that prevented him from having a firearm with which to defend his life and property.

Alito wrote the majority opinion for the court on that decision, and in it he stressed how the right to keep and bear arms and the right to self-defense are two sides of the same coin in the 2nd Amendment.

He even went so far as to say that the most preferred weapon with which to defend oneself in America is a handgun, thus “[the court] concluded, ‘citizens must be permitted to use handguns for the core lawful purpose of self-defense.'”

Because of the parameters of the case, Alito's focus was on having a handgun in the home, but in December 2012 the 7th Circuit Court explained that the right to defense is applicable beyond the home and is actually “as important outside the home as inside.”

Alito bolstered the decision in McDonald v Chicago by pointing to how “the 1689 English Bill of Rights explicitly protected a right to keep arms for self-defense.” He looked at William Blackstone's “assessment” that King George III's attempt to disarm colonists in the 1760's and 1770's “provoked polemical reactions by Americans invoking their rights as Englishmen to keep and bear arms.” 

According to Alito, when the Bill of Rights were composed the federalists and anti-federalists alike “agreed that the right to keep and bear arms was fundamental to the newly formed government.” 

The 2nd Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms. And “self defense is ‘the central component'” of that right. 

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  • 10 thoughts on “Justice Alito: Self-Defense is ‘The Central Component’ of the 2nd Amendment

    1. Herb: I’ll tell you what I’m “going to do about it”; I’LL SHOOT THE BASTARDS. Maybe I’ll die in the process, but I GUARANTEE it won’t be a one-for-one trade.

      Now, multiply me times a few million others, and one must ask just how many agents of “government” will there be?

    2. The citizen is responsible for their own self defense, the police can only investigate crimes after they have been committed.

      RTKBA is all about personal defense.

    3. We all must know and remember one thing. Our fellow citizens who vote for those who want to take away our rights are our true enemy’s. Thus, we are then left with ” lying, cheating, thieving, traitorous Democrats AND don’t forget those dam RINO’S in office, both state and federal. They would not be in office doing their harm if it was not for our own DAM friends and family’s voting for them into office. It all starts right here on own streets and in our own towns and cities. The Bastards are voted for by other Bastards. That’s where we should start when we point blame. DO NOT forget this. The blame is right in front of us every dam day.

    4. With political appointments to Federal Courts owing their alligence to those that appointed them, and not the PEOPLE, the Second Amendment, and all the freedoms that belong to the PEOPLE as defined in the Bill of Rights are fast becoming distant memories. How else can a US District court decide that gun laws in states like NJ, NY and MD don’t violate the 2nd Amendment?

    5. So who decides that the government has become tyrannical? If they, the tyrannical government run by lying, cheating, thieving, traitorous democrats decide to issue a search warrant for your property and confiscate your firearms and any other “weapons” including nail clippers, what are you going to do about it? All that stuff about self-defense sounds great but in the end, the government is going to kill you or put you in jail the rest of your days. Because, they are lying, cheating, thieving traitors – especially the trash in the White House.

    6. As discussed in the Federalist Papers, the right to self defense includes the right to defend yourself against oppressive tyrannical government. The Second Amendment also ensures that when an armed revolution becomes necessary, the people will have the weapons and shooting skills necessary for that revolution. And since the government is aware that we have the means for armed revolution, the sins of over-reaching government are held in check.

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