Kel-Tec Weapons Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Kel-Tec Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Kel-Tec Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certification

COCOA, Flo. –-( ISO 9001:2008 certification shows Kel-Tec’s continued efforts to streamline the manufacturing process and better meet the demands of a growing industry. As a result of these efforts, Kel-Tec will have the ability to produce their products more efficiently and with increased quality control.

“We have worked hard to earn this certification,” says Derek Kellgren, Kel-Tec Director of Marketing and Human Resources.

“With this certification, our customers can be sure they are receiving the highest in quality control and it also helps us to streamline our manufacturing processes in a tried and true systematic approach.”

Kel-Tec produces some of the the most sought-after firearm designs in the world. The growth and demand for faster turn-around-times was the main reason for completing this certification process. Customers can expect to see an increase in production and this certification will help to lay a solid foundation for future developments and designs when they are introduced into the market.

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Jay W

Increased production! Yay! Maybe I can finally find a Sub 2000 with Beretta mags. KT makes great guns but much of it seems to be vaporware.