National Gun-Rights Attack To Be Met Head On By Activists

By Alan Korwin, Author Gun Laws of America
The Uninvited Ombudsman

  • — National groups, many with funding by NYC billionaire Mayor Bloomberg, plan a major anti-gun-rights push, with the White House in tow, on the anniversary of Newtown, Dec. 14 2013.
  • — They plan to use an emotional bludgeon to build political capital to crush the Second Amendment, as they have attempted repeatedly in the past.
  • — Gun-rights activists anticipating the plan won’t be sitting still.
  • — “We will be outspent, but not out represented or out organized.”
  • — Advanced announcement of resistance to the effort has stirred outrage.
Guns Save Lives Day
Guns Save Lives Day

Houston, TX – -( Gun-rights advocates would never use the day of a tragedy as a cause for annual celebration but that’s precisely what anti-rights forces in this country are thinking of doing to do at year’s end, we learned at the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) which wrapped up in Houston late last month.

Using money from billionaire New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is rapidly becoming one of the greatest threats the Bill of Rights faces in America, states nationwide, along with the Obama administration, will hold events staged to use the death of innocent victims in Newtown, Conn., to call for infringements on the Second Amendment.

The coordinated attacks, thinly veiled as remembrances of the victims of a madman, will be used to develop sympathy and political capital for passage of new laws restricting the rights of everyone who had nothing to do with the vicious acts of an unstable psychopath. Mass mailings are already hitting nationwide as a prelude to the staged events.

Medical privacy policies supported by such groups and their left-leaning allies are in large measure responsible for concealing the mental condition of psychotic mass murderers plaguing America, according to John Fund, columnist for National Review Online, speaking at the recent GRPC conference. That includes this one who will be singled out with photos and storylines before Christmas.

Factual attempts at infringement on the American right to arms have thus far failed — for lack of factual grounds. Political and hoplophobic groups, many led by Bloomberg’s financing, are now reduced to appealing to abject emotion, in place of rationale. Key political observers expect the left to deny this.

Pundits say wait until the end of the year to see just how much emotional appeal constitutes the core of this fresh push for restrictions on the Second Amendment. Bloomberg has in the past been accused of “paying people to cry in officials’ offices,” according to Jeff Knox of the Firearms Coalition.

Those appeals, though wrenching, and smothered with wall-to-wall coverage in the “news” media, failed for the most part to overturn the fundamental right to arms, sought by the anti-rights factions. Bloomberg was outraged when, “nothing serious happened,” according to Knox.

One infringement maneuver — after numerous attempts at sweeping hardware bans crashed and burned — was designed to “merely” create a federalized list of every gun owner in the nation, disguised as “universal background checks.” It too failed to hold sway, despite massive media campaigning. A simple factual description of what the bill actually did, compared to what the media promoted, is here, with the relevant bill language:

Complicating the assault on the human and civil right to arms, Bloomberg recently donated a reported $350 million to Johns Hopkins University, which now features the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The mayor has repeatedly sought to treat firearms (as well as food, beverages and car use) as government public-health issues. The NY Times reports $250 million of that cash will go essentially to a study group with 50 professors, looking at things like, “the future of American cities.” Speakers at GRPC understood this to be an anti-gun-rights think tank.

Preeminent firearms researcher Dr. John Lott told the assembled crowd of gun-rights experts and activists in Houston to expect, “an avalanche of anti-rights ‘research’ and pseudo science” from this agenda-driven entity built by one man’s zeal. Lott expected traditional media outlets to provide vapid saturation coverage of the outfit’s regular releases, without questioning the results, which reporters neither fully understand nor care to examine as journalists, if past is prelude. Dr. Lott reviewed some of the literally goofy results already issued, like using reported suicides to infer gun-ownership rates.

Dr. Lott will be heading up a new Crime Prevention Research Center to provide timely responses to assess and as necessary refute reports of the Bloomberg-financed gun tank.


Not content to let such brazen challenges to fundamental human rights go unanswered, and vastly out-financed but not outnumbered or lacking for energy, a counter effort will be mounted under the banner Guns Save Lives Day, to inject balance into what will likely be a fierce public debate. Advanced announcement of the plan has stirred a firestorm of controversy, at least on CNN and MSNBC.

Guns Save Lives Day Train Me Arizona
Guns Save Lives Day Train Me Arizona

The “news” media is expected to give saturation coverage to the bleeding heart side of the story, but will have a hard time missing the bright red Guns Save Lives heart side of the argument, according to Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Second Amendment Foundation, in his opening speech to the packed house.

The Guns Save Lives heart logo is being adopted as one theme in support of the human and civil right to self protection. This logo, developed by Scottsdale-based Bloomfield Press, the nation’s largest publisher and distributor of gun law books, is also a component of the TrainMeAZ gun-safety education campaign, a familiar sight in the Grand Canyon State and in national activist circles.

It is already a political battlefield, having been censored by the city of Phoenix, when it was part of a public bus-stop effort to educate children in gun safety. That denial of free-speech is currently in the courts in a lawsuit led by The Goldwater Institute’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation, with the ACLU joining as an amicus, challenging Phoenix on 1st and 14th Amendment grounds.

All background:
The censorship:

“A sense of moral proprietary suggests that mourning should be done solemnly, in private, without attracting undue attention. Using grief and personal loss as a pre-planned tool for promoting political agendas, especially against fundamental human rights when other rational methods have failed, as Bloomberg-funded and other groups are contemplating, is as reprehensible as behavior can get, and signals a level of moral decay this country has not previously witnessed. We can only hope the recent dustup encourages them to rethink their plans. Disarming an innocent person is an act of violence.”

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Bloomfield Press, founded in 1988, is the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country. Our website,, features a free national directory to gun laws and relevant contacts in all states and federally, along with our unique line of related books and DVDs. “After Your Shoot” for media review is available on request, call 800-707-4020. Our authors are available for interview, call to schedule. Call for cogent positions on gun issues, informed analysis on proposed laws, talk radio that lights up the switchboard, fact sheets and position papers. As we always say, “It doesn’t make sense to own a gun and not know the rules.” Visit:

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“The right there specified is that of ‘bearing arms for a lawful purpose’. This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any way dependent upon that instrument for its existence.” – U.S. v. Cruikshank, 1875

While they may attack the Second Amendment (unsuccessfully, I predict), the people’s right to arms survives unscathed.

And the people know it.

At least, the armed ones do….


Everybody’s very hard on Mikey Bloomberg, but I keep thinking that if he didn’t exist we might have to invent him.

After all, between his Big Gulp ban and flushing his fortune down anti-gun rat holes, he’s providing the laugh-track for Our National Conversation On Guns. Doesn’t that count for something?

VT Patriot

Well, even tho it will be cold on Dec. 15th, I will not carry concealed. It will be ‘open carry day for me.



Don’t you know that saying anything about the link between gangster culture and violence is considered racist? Especially in big cities governed by Democratic mayors! Should I go down the list?


Why is nothing said, about the gangster era ?