Nevada Concealed Carry Improvement Law Takes Effect Today October 1 2013

Nevada Concealed Carry Improvement Law Takes Effect Today October 1 2013

Charlotte, NC –-(  Senate Bill 76, passed in the Nevada Legislature and signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval (R) on May 29, takes effect on Tuesday, October 1.

This new law requires that applicants for a concealed carry permit only qualify with a single handgun of their choosing and allows them to carry both semi-automatic handguns and revolvers.  Previously an applicant would be required to qualify with each style of handgun they chose to carry – semi-auto, revolver or both.

The NRA thanks all state Senators and state Representatives who voted for this critical pro-gun reform, and Governor Sandoval for signing SB 76 into law.

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    1. The N.R.A and various gun rights organizations are COMPLETELY WRONG about this bill. We were all tricked into believing it expanded gun rights but it DID NOT. The real reason they wanted to pass this bill is they were supposedly concerned about law abiding gun owners with permits carrying sawed off shotguns. So they changed all the wording from “firearms” to “handguns”. So if its not considered a handgun you cant carry it. My question for the legislators is how many law abiding gun owners were walking around carrying sawed off shotguns? The second amendment says we have the right to keep and bear arms not we have the right to keep and bear handguns. People who carry their rifles concealed and loaded in their cars now have to be very careful. We were all betrayed on this bill.

    2. Unfortunately, the law also now bans concealed carry of rifles and shotguns as a result of SB 76. Technically it makes it illegal to conceal an antique handgun as well since those are not firearms under federal law, and the new lawlimits carry to only what federal law considers a handgun to be.

      One of the major reasons for this bill was that some law enforcement were upset about citizens carrying concealed rifles. Check out the testimony for this bill published on the legislature website.

      It is a compromise at best. Personally, I’d rather pay the extra $1.50 in rimfire ammunition and qualify on two guns than have qualification simplified but be restricted in the types of guns we can carry.

      There is one good thing about the new law, and that is that the bill will now allow for the concealed carry of non-antique handguns of action types other than revolvers, semi-automatics, and single and double derringers. However, since most people don’t choose to carry a lever-action or bolt-action pistol for defense, I see our options as more constrained rather than less constrained by this new law.

      It is unfortunate that the true intentions behind this bill and the true effects seem to be so misunderstood.

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