Nevada Shooting Suspect too Young to Buy, Possess Gun Legally

Sparks Middle School Shooting
Nevada Shooting Suspect too Young to Buy, Possess Gun Legally
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Washington DC – -(  Before all the details were in regarding the 7:10 a.m. October 21st shooting in Sparks, Nevada, at least one gun control group was calling for “common sense solutions” ( ) and readers on various news sites were blaming the NRA for opposing expanded background checks earlier this year.

Had they just waited for more information later in the day, these people would have seen that the alleged shooter was a 14-year old student for whom it was illegal to buy a gun, illegal to posses a gun, and absolutely impossible to pass our current background check system.

So how did he get his gun? According to the Daily Mail, authorities “believe…[he] stole the semi-automatic from his parents' home.”

We saw this same thing following Adam Lanza's heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, when Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and President Obama demanded expanded background checks to prevent another such shooting. The problem is no background check would have stopped Lanza because he stole his guns, just as authorities believe the shooter outside of Sparks Middle School stole his.

In addition to the theft of the gun, the Sparks Middle School shooter ignored (violated) Nevada state law barring “a minor under 18 years of age” from possessing a firearm unless “accompanied by or under the immediate charge of an adult.” And concealing a handgun to carry it, which the shooter would have done to get on campus, is only legal in Nevada if you are “at least 21 years of age” and have a concealed carry license.

However, even if you possess a concealed carry license you cannot carry a gun at a Nevada public school or on the grounds of one unless a special permit has been obtained. The Sparks Middle School shooter completely ignored these laws as well.

When individuals ignore (violate) this many gun control laws to carry out their crime one thing is certain–another gun control law would not have changed a thing.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Nevada Shooting Suspect too Young to Buy, Possess Gun Legally

    1. I am slightly older than JOHN, but my life experience is similar. I had a .22 SEMI AUTO rifle (Mossberg) when I was 14, bought a Cold Woodsman when I was 16 at a local hardware store, bought a Bolt Action 20 gauge at age 17. Going to high school meant that all three were in the trunk of my car, parked on the school lot, every day. I had a job after school and sometimes went shooting at the range or jackrabbit hunting. Most of my friends also had guns, usually in their cars. NOBODY ever got shot, shot up the school, our parents admonished us to be careful, but they were not concerned. We always honored that trust.
      Today’s teens have seen all kinds of things on TV and perhaps have grown up without both parents, don’t know a thing about gun laws or care about them. I am offended that the anti gun people think that kids growing up like John and I did should be banned from any kind of shooting sports. All this has come about because the punishment is meant for all of us because of a mere few who violated the rules.

    2. John, I concur with you 100%. As an 8o y/o that grew up on a farm, I’ve owned guns since I was 14. It matters not how many gun laws are written in the books, if your mind set is not right, adding more laws will not change a thing. One has to grow up being taught to respect & honor life, yours, as well as others.

    3. I have carried a weapon of some sort most of my life. I had a BB gun when I was 7. An old shotgun and a .22 rifle by the time I was 10. I still have the .22 & the shotgun, the shotgun, an antique belonging to my Grandfather when he was a boy. Both remain operative. I suppose I was raised in a different time, place, and a totally different culture. I was raised in rural NC on a tobacco farm. We were taught a respect for life and respect for others. To walk away from conflict if allowed to do so without damage to me & mine. To fight without quarter in self defense. I am 70 years old and have abided by this code during my lifetime. When did we stop teaching our children a respect for life, their own & others? What has happened to our society that a 14 year old thinks it is OK to shoot people? I think perhaps he lacks discipline and knowledge in his life. Death is permanent, whether your own or someone elses.

    4. Mary, Perhaps if there were a test before becoming a parent, a class on how to raise children, or a class on morals, this would never have happened.

    5. @Mary, you argument would make sense if we were not talking about a right, as driving is a privilege subject to the whims of the state.

      Owning a gun is a right and just like freedom of speech you do not have to take a test to use it. With your argument, you would have failed to pass the free speech test as you don’t know a privilege from a right.

    6. So? If you had to pass a test on use, knowledge and safety of a firearm, like you have to drive a car, the irresponsible gun owners who owned these weapons would more than likely not had their children stealing them.

      If background checks, knowledge and safety tests and mental health checks are too much for a gun owner to have to endure to own a weapon, one has to believe they couldn’t pass.

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