| Haley Heath: Hunting with Your Kids | Haley Heath: Hunting with Your Kids | Haley Heath: Hunting with Your Kids
National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, Va. –– ( Before you take your children hunting with you this weekend, be sure to watch the latest video in our Tips & Tactics series.

Remington Arms Company spokesperson Haley Heath gives us a checklist of items you need in order to ensure both you and your kids have a good time hunting together.

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6 years ago

You need to take your kids hunting and let let them do the shooting themselves. This is the only way they understand that guns are not toys and when you pull the trigger, you can’t take it back. Kids who grow up hunting have an advantage that no one else has. Soldiers can’t lean what they need to know, all of a sudden, at 18. They can never catch up with the guy who grew up hunting. The instincts aren’t there and never will. They never learn to protect themselves like the kid who grew up hunting, whether they are… Read more »