Possessing Legally-Purchased Guns in New Jersey Cost Brian Aitken Everything

Brian Aitken
Possessing Legally-Purchased Guns in New Jersey Cost Brian Aitken Everything
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On October 14, Breitbart News reported on the story of media consultant Brian Aitken, who was arrested, tried, and imprisoned for having locked, unloaded, and legally-purchased handguns in the trunk of his car while moving to a new residence in New Jersey so he could be close to his son.

Later on the 14th, Aitken spoke with Breitbart News about his ordeal, explaining how the 2009 arrest came about and how it took the most precious person in his life from him: his son.

When we asked Aitken to explain how the arrest itself came about.

“Back in 2009 I had just moved from Colorado to New Jersey to be closer to my son during a divorce: I had been living at my parents house for a few days and was planning to move to Hoboken. I called the New Jersey State Police and asked them how to transport my firearms and I did exactly what they told me to do.”

“While I was driving to Hoboken I received a call from the Mount Laurel Police Department. They told me my mom had placed an ‘abandoned 911 call’ and they were worried I was the victim of domestic violence,” he continued. “They wanted me to return home to ‘check me for bruises.’ I told them I was never assaulted and that my mother was probably the most peaceful woman on the planet.”

“Their entire approach struck me as disingenuous and odd,” Aitken recalled. “He then said he wanted to make sure I wasn’t suicidal. I told him I wasn’t. I asked if I was legally obligated to return and the officer said no. We hung up and I kept driving north.”

“A minute later the officer called back and told me he had issued a state wide General Alert and that all police were on the lookout for me,” Aitken said. “Even though I wasn’t a suspect in a crime he told me I would be taken in and my car impounded if I didn’t return immediately. Under threat of arrest, I returned.”

“Things didn’t get much better when I got back,” Aitken explained. “My car was packed from floor to ceiling and they wanted to search it, again without probable cause. When I pushed back on them about requiring a warrant they threatened me with being sent to a psychiatric hospital for 72 hours if I didn’t consent to the search.”

“They told me that they could force the hospital to take me and as part of the process would impound my car and take an inventory of my cars possessions–effectively searching my car without having to go through a judge for a warrant. I wanted to do the right thing. I didn’t want to create any unnecessary hardship for myself or my family.” Aitken stressed: “I consented under duress. I regret that decision every day.”

Aitken explained how the ordeal lead to him being barred from seeing his son: “A year before I was arrested Governor Jon Corzine (D) amended the Graves Act and changed possession of a firearm from a Fourth Degree Felony to a Second Degree Felony. In the eyes of the law, possessing a firearm was the same as using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime–even if that firearm was legally owned.”

“After I was indicted of a victimless and violentless charge, with no prior criminal record, a family judge interpreted the charge to mean that I was a violent criminal with access to firearms and that fathers who own guns pose a threat to their children,” he stated. “He imposed restrictions on my custody that in four years I have been unable to meet.”

The saga continues for Aitken. Although Governor Chris Christie (R) commuted Aitken’s sentence after he had served four months of a seven year sentence, he is still labeled a felon and therefore cannot own a gun, cannot vote, and cannot travel internationally (his passport was revoked for a felony conviction). More importantly, he is still unable to see his son–the very person he was moving to New Jersey to see.

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I did some research on the subject and found that this Aitken guy was arrested several times before this incident and was involved in multiple domestic violence incidents with his parents and ex-wife. I for one am a 2nd Amendmant supporter, but will not back this guy under his false pretences.


Mike…funny you should mention George Washington in that way. He was not tolerant of those in his day who produced and sold “untaxed” whiskey. He even led a group of soldiers against those rising in rebellion against the Federal government’s taxation of whiskey. Google the Whiskey Rebellion and you will find a good read.


With today laws George Washington would be arrested for bootleging

VT Patriot

This unfortunately has put a a lid on a family tradition for me. The family (large) used to get together for Thanxgiving dinner in Del, and after that, a family fun target shoot. For me to drive thru NY and NJ with a few target rifles locked up in hard cases, ammo in a separate locked up hard container would probably lead to arrest in both of these commie states.
Boy, I love Vermont..


Never consent to a search until you speak to your lawyer or hire one on the phone and have a retainer in place by credit card.

He should have agreed to return but stop at a storage facility and park the car in a storage unit and lock it up before returning to the home.

The police can lie to us, they are not held to the truth.

I wonder if the 911 call was bogus, perhaps made by somebody who did not like this man moving closer to see his son with this divorce in the works.


Kevin, I don’t think they created fear, but hatred in NJ. Hatred gives people a pair, where fear only makes them cower under tables.


Obama’s police state in place in NJ, NY, CA and a few other states who won’t fight for their rights. They fought a revolution and now give it all away.This is worse than the British.

Mark Are

“They” consider us slaves and whenever a slave doesn’t toe the line PERFECTLY they are stripped of their right to defend themselves, their families and other folks in the community. There is no such thing as “justice” in the USA anymore. Read “How Many More Carl Dregas” by Vin Suprynowicz Read “There Was A Man” The story of Gordon Kahl. The court systems and those associated are lying psychopaths.

Stu Strickler

Some may wonder why anyone would want to visit NJ. I certainly won’t!
These commies will lose in the end!

Jerry Stillings

Democrats and Republicans,alike, won’t stop their assault on our rights under the Constitution until they have, completely, enslaved the American people. Both parties despise our Constitution and Bill of Rights so much that they,simply, ignore them, much to most Americans’ consternation. We, absolutely, need to start ,anew, with a, completely, fresh line-up of congress people, people who respect our Constitutional heritage.

Kevin McGonigal

This is why I wrote yesterday that this incident caused me to lose all respect for law enforcement, the police, the county prosecutor and the courts. I used to respect the integrity of all three but this incident has shown me that justice is not what these people are about. If it were this man would never have been arrested,the prosecutor would never have brought charges, the court would have thrown out the charges the first day of the trial. None of these things happened because all three saw scoring points as more important than common sense law enforcement. If… Read more »