R.A.P.T. Training Collar from D.T. Systems


Quality ****

Reliability ****

Price/Value *****

Referability ****

Average Score-4.25 stars out of 5

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 (AmmoLand.com) The R.A.P.T. 1400 E-Collar from D.T. Systems has to be one of the most well thought out dog training products to hit the market in the past few years. The R.A.P.T. acronym stands for Rapid Access Pro Trainer.

The unique design of the hands free transmitter allows trainers of all skill levels to quickly make corrections. Featuring the RAPT Strap, the R.A.P.T. transmitter is securely held on the trainers hand in a variety of positions that fit the users needs. The Rapid Access button is easy to hit with a thumb or index finger and can be programmed to nick, vibration or continuous stimulations.

Even if you don’t have giant hands, the R.A.P.T. is still easy to wear on your hand and the Rapid Access button is easy to hit.  The RAPT Strap is an elastic strap that does hold the transmitter firmly in place. I haven’t had a whole lot of time with the unit so I’m not sure on the longevity of the elastic strap.

The thing that is so great about having the transmitter on your hand is that first it allows you to quickly and easily make corrections. If you have the transmitter hanging around your neck and you need to make a correction, sometime by the time you fumble around with it, it’s already too late.

Being hands free with the R.A.P.T. also makes it a lot easier to throw dummies, use a training lead, use bird launchers, handle the dogs and even shoot a shotgun when training and still have access to easily correct your dog. Watch the features in this video.

Right now I am training an English Cocker Spaniel I got from Dan Ihrke of Green Acres Sportsman’s club in Roberts, Illinois. I currently have the Rapid Access button set to Vibration Assist as I am training him to be collar conditioned. Having the ability to apply a correction easily while still performing other tasks has been a huge advantage during this training process.

The R.A.P.T. features several of D.T. Systems well known features, Maxx Range 360, Vibration Assist and Gentle Touch Stimulation. Maxx Range 360 is D.T. Systems FM signal transmission and the antenna is actually inside of the collar. The R.A.P.T. has a 1400 yard range.

The Vibration assist button gives handlers a no-shock alternative stimulus. I use the vibration feature a lot when dog training it’s just the right amount of stimulation to get the dogs attention.  The Gentle Touch stimulation feature allows for 16 levels of stimulation that can be adjusted with a dial.

In addition to the Rapid Access button, the R.A.P.T. features buttons for Continuous, Vibration Assist and Jump Stimulations. With the purchase of additional collars, the R.A.P.T. can be expanded into a three dog unit.

The transmitter uses a 9V battery like most other D.T. Systems transmitters. The transmitter is also waterproof and it floats.

The rechargeable collar unit has a 4-oz. receiver box. The small size is great for dogs of all sizes including young dogs.  This allows the R.A.P.T. to be used for every stage of the training process. The collar unit is also waterproof.

The R.A.P.T. comes in black or camouflage finishes and is also very affordable at around $220.

I like the design of the R.A.P.T. a lot. It’s easy to use and makes training easier for me. It does take some getting used to but the R.A.P.T. allows me to always be able to correct my dog quickly and still manage other parts of training.

Quality:  The R.A.P.T. is well put together and is very responsive. I have used it for a couple months so I’m not sure how long the elastic RAPT Strap will hold up, but so far I haven’t had any problems.

Reliability:  Like other D.T. Systems products I have used, I haven’t had to worry about any performance issues.

Price/Value: The R.A.P.T.  is for sale around $220 depending on what finish you get. This is around the price of most quality E-Collars.

Referability:  If you are a novice or experienced dog trainer, you may want to check out the R.A.P.T. from D.T. Systems. This unit has a lot of dog training features in an easy to use unit.

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