Shoot Right Arizona Announces Airgun 3 Gun & Steel Shooting Events

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Shoot Right Arizona Announces Airgun 3 Gun & Steel Shooting Events
Shoot Right
Shoot Right

Tempe, Arizona –-( When we told you that Shoot Right was developing a 3-Gun Airgun (.177) event for Airgun shooters, Also a Airgun pistol steels (.177) program we have had a lot of inquires about both programs.

“Our first event is going to be Dec 14-15 2013 weekend at the Airgun Expo and Shoot in the CAASES/Shoot Right Education and Training Center. There will be “Two sessions, each day, a whole lot of steels falling and lead flying Saturday and a lot of 3-gun Shooting Sunday”.

Starting at 11am, shooters will run through one course with four stations Saturday on Sunday they will run through 1 track of 3 gun inside the CAASES/Shoot Right Education and Training center. in Tempe. 3 gun requires the use of the AR15-styled rifle, a cx4 storm rifle or Crosman 1077 rifle and a blowback airpistol. For the Airpistol steels is required to use a airpistol with a blowback system just remember … all of these guns are airguns. All airguns are required to shoot

“Rob “Coach” Potter, Randy Morgan, Chuck Woosley and Jimmy Heatherly members of CAASES/Shoot Right Education and Training Center built all the Steel targets and wood standing targets we’re using for the shoot. The steel target will be offered for order at the airgun Expo.

Though the airpistol and 3 gun program does not kick off until 2014, that does not mean you should wait to register to host a shoot at your airgun/airsoft range. Email Coach Potter [email protected]

The day will be divided into two special sessions… one starting at 11am and the other at 2pm. Open to ages 8-adult and in case you were wondering yes when you buy admission to the expo you get one free shooting session, there is a “per session” fee $5 ea. As a special for coming out that day, Shoot Right is offering a $20 pass that will allow you to shoot in 5 sessions throughout the day Saturday or Sunday.

“For first time Airgun shooters, they are going to be surprised,” said Coach Potter. “not very noise, very little recoil, and some shots on target. The kids are really going to love it.”

CAASES/Shoot Right Education and Training Center is a 7,500 square foot airgun archery range Located at 2127 S. Priest Dr ste 404 in Tempe AZ, you can reach them for more information at 602-288 5324​ or get a table at the airgun expo to sell some of your airguns/airsoft/paintball gun and equipment.

Shoot Right AZ: This organization is a nonprofit organization and is not organized for the private gain of any person. The purpose for which this organization has been organized is to educate children and adults with regard to personal safety and security throughout the State of Arizona and the world. We are a non-profit shooting club organization dedicated to teaching children and adults safety techniques that focus on gun safety, basic rifle/pistol airgun, small bore, firearms, the history of NRA shooting, youth airgun shooting leagues, summer camps, hunter education, NSSF Project Child Safe Gun Lock program, adult NRA, and NSSF First Shot programs. Shoot right will also organize instructor or coaching courses for adults. We educate using various tools such as a Laser Shot Range (pistol/rifle/shotgun/archery), safety instructional DVDs, and other educational material. We provide our service using various forums such as public presentations, our website, emails, multi-media tools, personal one-on-one consultation, and other forums as the Board of Directors may designate. Shoot Right requires 100% of the membership base possess an up-to-date NRA membership. Visit: