The Gun Box, Leveraging RFID Technology for Quick & Secure Firearms Access

The Gun Box
The Gun Box
The Gun Box
The Gun Box

Lehi, Utah – -( I wanted to share some information about a groundbreaking product that launched last week.

The Gun Box uses the latest technology like RFID and fingerprint scanners, GPS tracking and an internal accelerometer as well as the highest quality materials to keep handguns securely locked while still enabling rapid access when owners need them most.

With more than 18 years of experience manufacturing and designing products, The Gun Box inventor and engineer Ryan Hyde realized that gun owners are forced to choose between safety or convenience when storing their firearms. The Gun Box addresses both of these needs by enabling rapid access to your firearm via fingerprint ID, unique RFID ring or bracelet, or a combination of both.

Ryan also observed that many safes are poorly designed and are made with low quality materials– a dangerous combination that can have devastating consequences. Others are made from more robust material, but are usually heavy and bulky, and don’t include any additional features. The Gun Box has the best of both worlds: a secure robust outer shell, the latest technology, and a sleek, ergonomically designed shape.

A next generation gun safe, The Gun Box combines a number of features including:

  • Access only with RFID or fingerprint (not with a traditional key or passcode)
  • Die cast aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell between 0.15 and .20 inches thick (3-5 times thicker than most)
  • Fully enclosed internal hinges
  • Alert notifications when it’s open, moved or tampered
  • Several mounting holes for discreet storage in almost any orientation
  • USB features are for power distribution only and don’t allow any communication for opening
  • Pry-resistant lap joint
  • GPS tracking

The Gun Box is seeking $100,000 via its Indiegogo campaign ( ) with funding options ranging from $10 to $390.

About The Gun Box:
Ryan Hyde has been inventing, designing, and manufacturing products since 1990. Whether pushing the G force limits on roller coasters, strengthening nuclear facility alarm systems, or normalizing hyper sensitive medical equipment, Ryan’s expertise and experience is vast and significant.

Over the last few years Ryan has been working to bring the idea of a safe gun-storage system to life. He knew he wanted the system to look good enough to be displayed openly and easily opened with RF technology.

After multiple years of success, we are proud to introduce The Gun Box. Visit:

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I have 3 questons: 1.) does a key open this as well? I didn’t see that. 2.) If question #1 is “No”, how do you open it if/when the battery runs out, or if question #3 occurs? 3.) I love the idea of Biometrics. RF is something I’d never considered. I love the idea. A concern that I’ve had, and has held me back from going Bio is the ever growing possibility of an EMP. How well will your device hold up to an EMP? I will definitely share this with all firearm owners that I know. I’m hoping your… Read more »