Winning At 3-Gun Competitions

Daniel Horner
Daniel Horner: Winning At 3-Gun Competitions
Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace

Wilsonville, OR – -( When it comes to shooting for fun and recreation, 3-gunning is rapidly gaining ground across America as a top place to have fun with firearms.

It’s a sport where you race the clock with your favorite handgun, rifle and shotgun. One of the nation’s fastest, and most accurate, 3-Gun shooters is the recent winner of Crimson Trace’s 2013 Midnight 3-Gun Invitational—Daniel Horner.

So what strategy does Horner deploy to shoot his way into the winner’s circle at the nation’s premier nighttime 3-Gun event? He practices for the night competition by shooting at night. As an Army soldier, Horner also teaches shooting skills, including shooting in darkness.

“We do quite a bit of night time shooting with night vision and lasers, so it was a pretty easy transition to the 3-Gun world,” states Horner. “However, I did learn a few things to bring back from the competition world to make me a better instructor for soldiers. “ Yes, he and many shooters use 3-gun competitions as a learning experience. The 3-Gun competitions help shooters learn about gear—and how to better use it.

“I put the (Crimson Trace) lasers on every gun and co-witnessed them to the sights,” Horner continued in explaining his winning strategy. “I don’t zero the laser by shooting it. If the sights are zeroed, just move the laser to the sights. The lasers held zero very well. I was able to shoot plates at 50+ yards with my pistol. They (Crimson Trace lasers) are simple to use and extremely effective.”

Daniel Horner's Three Gun Weapon
Daniel Horner’s Three Gun Rifle

If you are looking for a top tip to help you grab the winner’s check at your next 3-Gun competition, this valuable insight could help you make better shooting plans and develop critical gear strategies.

“If I could give one tip to everybody, it would be to know your equipment, and keep it simple,” noted Horner. “A light, a laser and a button for both should be the only change you make to your normal guns. I love the quote ‘Beware the man with only one gun. He might know how to use it.’ I pretty much live by that.” Remember to be certain to check the gear restrictions for the event you plan to compete in.

Horner also does something few other 3-gunners do—he shoots while constantly moving. Many competitors stop or briefly pause before they move their trigger finger and shoot at a target. Horner (a member of the US Army Marksmanship unit) seems to always be on the move—and shooting.

Horner is widely recognized as one of the top 3-gunners in America now, and he’s earning the checks and shooting the scores to prove it. He won $10,000 at the recent Crimson Trace 2013 Midnight 3-Gun Invitational. Not bad for two long nights of work involving running—and gunning.

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