News for November 2013

More GUnstruction

Honeoye Falls, NY –( Well into November now and coming up on the Thanksgiving Holiday for most of us. We have a number of projects in the works, which I’d like to at least mention briefly here.

On the product side, we have a number of products back in stock and ready to ship, starting with our stripped billet lowers. This month they are our featured product with $50 off for a limited time.

In addition to these, we have a good supply of forged lowers; stripped or complete available.

Barrels are back in stock. We’re featuring 16″ 1/9 in M4 and heavy profiles, and these are nitrided inside and out. We’re also adding a 16″ mid-length gas-length to the offerings which will be available in the store later this week as well as a 300BLK 16″ 1/7 SS.

A series of new vinyl stickers is also available, the first being the BFL/skull design listed elsewhere in the newsletter. Two other designs will be coming later in the month; we’re just waiting for the product to arrive.

We’ve got our very popular covert takedown rifle soft case back in stock. These handy cases allow you to store and carry your 16″ rifle in a tight, 26″x12″ rectangular case.

We’ve got a batch of “takedown” complete upper receivers coming very shortly as well. These are based on the MGI Hydra upper and allow you to switch barrels quickly so you can go between 5.56 and 300BLK in a minute or less. This also allows you to break the gun down into a very small package for discrete carry or tight-quarters storage (i.e. briefcase).

Lastly, a fresh batch of ARFCOM 3Gun Benelli shotguns is nearing completion and will be made available in our store as soon as they are ready to ship.


On the software development side, the GUNSTRUCTION team has been hard at work and will be pushing a new patch up November 22nd. We will be implementing a new feature the community has been calling for: Piston systems! On top of that we will be adding in a highly customizable “Photo Mode” so you can take some amazing pics of your virtual build. Just to add icing to the cake we also did an overhaul to some of the UI, and GUNSTRUCTION has never looked better.

As well as building all the features added for this patch, we also now have over 50 licensed venders with our parts count surpassing 800! Just added are some favorites like Fortis, CMC, KNS Precision, Battle Arms Development, and B5 just to name a few.

GUNSTRUCTION is also teaming up with Black Forge Military Arms & Manufacturing for a rifle giveaway contest launching at the end of November. However, unlike normal rifle contests, GUNSTRUCTION will allow you to build the rifle you want to win! Stay tuned for details which we will release on the ARFCOM forums: and through our social media channel:

If you still haven’t had a chance to check out GUNSTRUCTION, head over to: and start building your AR15 now.

As always, the GUNSTRUCTION team is committed to making the best gun builder in the world, and we couldn’t do it without the continued support of fellow enthusiasts and the online community!

As we all celebrate and give thanks this year, remember all the men and women who serve to protect the blessings that we enjoy, and those who have given their lives to provide our freedoms. Happy Thanksgiving to them, to their families, and to all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

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