Bill To Ban Deer Baiting Passes in Wrong NJ Senate ‘Economics’ Committee

No Deer Feeders
Bill To Ban Deer Baiting Passes in Wrong NJ Senate ‘Economics’ Committee
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-( Yesterday, in an act to defy responsible committee oversight and conventional wildlife management methods, state senator, Raymond J. Lesniak (D), used his position as committee chairman to circumvent the expertise of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee and have an animal rights bill heard in his own committee (Senate Economic Committee) to ensure the bill was passed.

The Bill S2369 ( ) was presented as under the guise of “Black Bears-Prohibited. Feeding” was described as:

“Requires use of bear-resistant containers, dumpsters, or food boxes in certain areas located in black bear habitat under certain circumstances, including garbage collection, and prohibits certain actions that would result in feeding of black bears. 
Budget and Appropriations “

But then goes on to include:

 b.    Subsection a. of this section shall not apply [in the case of an unintentional feeding of a black bear.  “Unintentional feeding “means using or placing any material for a purpose other than to attract or entice black bears but which results in the attraction or enticement of a black bear, and shall include but need not be limited to the use and placement of bait for deer in accordance with section 1 of P.L.1997, c.424 (C.23:4-24.4)

Animal rights groups Humane Society United States and NJ Sierra Club are behind the bill.

The bill would unilaterally remove deer baiting as a wildlife management tool, potentially throughout New Jersey.

Anthony P. Mauro
Sr. Chairman,
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”


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I think baiting is cheating being old school go hunt the way we use to.The issue I have is i am a farmer and sell shell corn .Some people by to feed chickens pigs what have you .The taxes have to get paid some how we have cattle so we grow corn for silage and the rest is mostly purchased for deer.The garden state has lost a lot of farms for housing and strip malls.Now 7 generations of farmers on this land probably will become the same.Between the cost of fuel,seed,and repairs to equipment and NJ property tax we break… Read more »


Another Democrat who is a failure at doing anything positive! Bet he next gets a bill for the humane treatment of rats!


I’am 73 , from the old school. I do not believe, baiting should be allowed, for anything, period. Including bear, deer, or what ever.