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United Kingdom –-( The headlines this week: championship bolving (watch and learn a new word), Pakistani pig plague, an enormous fish, a psycho sheep and – strike me – that was close.

Dulverton in the South-West of England played host to the tenth world Bolving contest, where participants roar or ‘bolve’ at stags who then roar back. There were nearly 50 contestants but the stags were a long way up the valley and didn't bolve back much. Winner Rob Follett from Withycombe, Devon, was among the competitors who got a response call from a stag. All money raised goes to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. Watch the film:

Hill farmers in Devon and Cornwall have joined the call by Welsh farmers to relax the ban on hunting with hounds in the UK, according to the BBC. They say that hounds are the best way to control problem foxes.

Islamabad in Pakistan has a wild pig problem and not much it can do about it. The local government has banned hunting because hunters could be mistaken as terrorists by local security personnel and because terrorists could disguise themselves as hunters. As a result, wild boar have taken over the streets of Islamabad, making it unsafe to walk around many areas. Pictures from local TV news show a man who was attacked by boar. Watch the film:

British soccer star John Terry has built a new mansion in Surrey complete with fishing lake, aerial pictures reveal. The Chelsea football team captain is a keen carp angler.

The carcases of two giant oarfish have been found off the coast of California. One of them was nearly 18ft long – but apparently it’s a tiddler. These fish live at up to 3,000 feet underwater and can grow to more than 50ft long.

Here’s a story about a dirt-bike rider being savaged by a sheep. New Zealand biker Budd Hanz had a YouTube hit when he uploaded a video of a ram attacking him head-on during a ride. Following requests from YouTube users, he strapped a GoPro camera to the nasty old ram to get a different perspective. And the animal lives up to its name and repeatedly rams a biker.

There – never underestimate a sheep. Watch the first film: – and watch the follow-up:

And finally, a fisherman survives a close call with a lightning strike. Here’s why you should not be out on the water during a thunderstorm. Paul Ragsdale uploaded this video to YouTube of professional angler Tucker Owings' close encounter with lightning on Lake Athens in Texas – Shocking! Watch the film:

Stalking the stories fishing for facts!

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