Complete Dashcam Video of Illegal Arrest of Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham for Open

CJ Grisham, President & Founder Open Carry Texas Arrested
CJ Grisham, President & Founder Open Carry Texas Arrested
Open Carry Texas
Open Carry Texas

Texas – -( This is the complete footage of the illegal arrest of Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham back in March 2013.

While on a hike with his 15-year old son, Grisham was approached by Officer Steve Ermis of the Temple PD.

When Ermis didn’t like the answer to one of his questions, he decided to take Grisham’s weapon without asking or notification.

At no time did Ermis explain to Grisham that he was under investigation of any sort. At the moment Ermis grabbed his personal rifle, Grisham instinctively reacted by grabbing the weapon. This momentary reaction is what prosecutors claim “interfered with the duties of a public servant”. After the officer threw Grisham onto the hood of the car, still without explaining the charges against him or why he was being disarmed, Grisham refused to comply with orders to have his hands cuffed until he was certain he could get a record of the illegal arrest.

On November 19, 2013, a jury of six members found Grisham guilty of this Class B misdemeanor when they were not allowed to consider self-defense as a motive for his actions. The judge in the case, retired Harris County Judge Neel Richardson, was heavily biased in the case, calling Grisham and his family “local yokels” and telling prosecutors and defense attorneys that if he had his way he would “put them all in jail and teach them how to be good parents.”

This explains why only 30% of his peers rated him an “excellent” judge in 2001, the year he retired.

In fact, in order for the county to secure their guilty verdict, they had to bring up this judge all the way from Harris County because no judges in Bell County would take the case. County Attorney Jim Nichols was rabid about finding any charge they could get to stick and then finding a judge that would go along with his efforts to protect an abusive police officer.

This video is time-sequenced. It begins with the dashcam footage from the arresting officer. The video that pops up to the right is at the moment Grisham turns on his camera to record, giving the view two points of view. The third video is the dashcam footage of Sergeant Tom Menix, the supervisor for Ermis. Notice at 08mins 08secs when they go to the back of the patrol car that Ermis unplugs his microphone against TPD policy. This accounts for the terrible audio heard in the back of the car on Ermis’ dashcam, but the audio is still captured on Sergeant Menix’s microphone.

On November 19, 2013, a six member jury found CJ guilty of “interfering with public duties” and fined $2000. He is appealing the decision. If you’d like to contribute to this fight, please send donation to either or Paypal to [email protected]

About Open Carry Texas
Open Carry Texas (OCT) is an organization dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the State of Texas in accordance with the United States and Texas Constitutions and applicable laws.

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The other cop asks ‘what would you do in afhganistan or iraq if you came up to someone with a gun like that.

Nothing, because the gun was not aimed at anyone.
It was on a sling safely stored.


Clearly this Judge is biased and never should have taken this case, his comments after the case are clear. There is grounds for appeal.
The defendants civil rights were violated.

“put them all in jail and teach them how to be good parents.”

William Bates

Tx Gestapo at work

VT Patriot

I see a guy walking on a ‘way back country’ road with a shoulder carried rifle. Not a soul in sight. Looks to me like a nut-case lost in the wilderness, clearly looking for another Sandy Hook school. And of all things, a MSGT in the US Army, Taking his son on a ten mile hike to obtain a merit badge for his Eagle Scout. Anybody can tell this is a dangerous situation. #sarc off. Now in reality, I’d not want to see the scene if that fat cop had approached him and decided it was time to play cops… Read more »


Look at it from a cops point of view. They received a complaint and did not know what they rolled up on. The just because I can attitude will be the down fall of CC. A 10 mile hike with an AR for an Eagle Scout project? I can see why it is a hard sell in this day and political climate. I think the guy was looking to make a statement. Bad blowback for everyone.

Ricky Rupp

Well now Officer Dunkin, Donut, and the 3rd arriving fat cop. WTF? This man was hurting no one. What is this country coming to. Those police officers don’t have the right to call themselves TEXANS. I would call them Democrats. They act like the Gestapo. Its a shame hat our country is coming to. I feel sad for them all a bunch of touch holes.

TSgt B

Hopalong: This happened in TEXAS, where it is entirely LEGAL for a law-abiding adult citizen to openly carry a LONG GUN (rifle, shotgun, even a properly licensed and registered “machine gun”). This whole case is one giant crock of SH!T. This cop needs to be fired, the prosecuted needs to be fired, and this “judge” needs to be PERMANENTLY DISBARRED AND RETIRED. This kind of BS will soon lead to an uprising of We, the People, whom are getting damned tired of seeing our Rights and our Constitution used as so much Charmin. Makes me want to go to Temple… Read more »


I wonder when its going to happen: A citizen finally stands up to a wrongful arrest by a LEO with deadly force.


How dare this man not break any law. Both of them should have been shot and killed on the spot. I mean walking around not breaking the law, there ought to be a law against not breaking the law. But if not, the Temple Police will sure create one or act like there is one. The Temple PD has always been anti-soldier and the Fort Hood leadership has always abetted this. To them, most from Yankee States, only Generals, Politicians and Cops should be allowed to carry while not under Authority. All of our Cities are becoming Left Leaning pots… Read more »


Correct me if I’am wrong. arizona law says. If you have a cwp, you must carry concealed Open carry is not allowed, for cwp.