Crimson Trace Continues Beretta Partnership

Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace

Wilsonville, OR – -( Crimson Trace, the leading brand of laser sighting systems for personal protection firearms, proudly announces a partnership with leading gun manufacturer Beretta USA.

The partnership will offer Crimson Trace’s award-winning Laserguard platform as a factory-installed laser sighting system for Beretta’s Nano–a package that offers the ultimate low light and concealed carry solution.

“We’ve been working with our partners at Beretta for more than a year to find the right balance on this exceptional and unique firearm,” said Jeff Goddard, Crimson Trace Director of Sales.

“Beretta stands for craftsmanship, ingenuity and quality in the firearms market, making the Nano pistol a perfect fit for our product. Not only will our Laserguard system ensure that every new owner of the Beretta Nano becomes a more accurate and confident shooter, but both companies will continue to arm today’s CCW consumers with the best in combined technologies to protect their homes, families and country.”

The combo packages can be recognized via Beretta’s product identifier as: “Nano 9mm + CT Laserguard.”

Crimson Trace’s Laserguard platform is the ideal addition to conceal carry firearms. The specially designed unit securely attaches to the pistol’s trigger guard, adds basically no weight to the firearm, and the Laserguard can be quickly and easily installed by the user. Crimson Trace works with top manufacturers to create holster solutions for all Laserguard equipped firearms. Each Laserguard is pre-sighted from the factory at 50 feet and is fully adjustable by the user for their chosen self-defense ammunition. Crimson Trace also manufactures laser sights that can be installed on other Beretta handguns.

Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, Crimson Trace will celebrate 20 years of manufacturing and customer service in 2014. The company’s goal is to make laser sighting systems standard equipment on every personal protection firearm in the United States. All Crimson Trace products are Made in the USA. More details are at


Crimson Trace, the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms, is based in Wilsonville, Oregon. Its award-winning innovations include Lasergrips, Laserguard and Lightguard –all with Instinctive Activation. The company’s product line also includes the Defender Series and Rail Master platforms – all are proudly Made in the USA. More details are available at: or by calling 800-442-2406.