Deadbeat Mike Weisser, Ware Gun Shop, Stiffs The Second Amendment

Mike Weisser, proprietor of Ware Gun Shop in Ware, MA is a con-man, deadbeat and enemy of the Second Amendment.

Mike Weisser
Mike Weisser
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Mike Weisser, proprietor of the Ware Gun Shop in Ware, MA is a con-man, deadbeat and enemy of the Second Amendment!

How can we make such bold statement?

Because we know first hand, fact is he owes AmmoLand Shooting Sports News for advertising we ran for him, when he was doing business as “Grey Lock Holsters” in 2012.  On good faith we ran his ads, as we do with all our advertisers, and after making him loads of money he stiffed us for $1800.00, dodging all our phone calls and emails ever since.

Mike Weisser

Yeah we know. Having people steal from you happens in any business, we can deal with that, but here is the rub with this POS.

So called mikethegunguy, Mike Weisser, is basically a double agent working to undermine our second amendment rights with his articles on his blog mikethegunguy, the Huffington Post and elsewhere on the web. ( common sense should tell any gunny that a so called pro gun writer for HUFPO is a joke ).

On one hand he claims to be an insider in the shooting sports industry, gun shop owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, but leaves a trail “common sense” anti-gun sellout articles across the web, including his article “Open Letter to Wayne LaPierre” ( ) where he wrote:

“It's easy to disparage the 90 percent of Americans who are in favor of expanding background checks by telling your audience that some unnamed Congressman from some unnamed state hasn't gotten any calls. But maybe the time has finally come when most Americans are more worried about ending the 100,000+ firearm deaths and injuries than whether you and your NRA cult of followers can Stand and Fight.”

Clearly mikethegunguy did not bother to check the facts that the 90% lie has been debunked over and over again and it takes real balls for some hack like Weisser to bad mouth Mr Lapierre who is a true leader and defender of the RKBA, unlike this turncoat.

Here he is Supporting the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, while once more trash talking the NRA , in his article “What Does That NRA Small-Arms Treaty Really Say?” ( ) :

“The NRA, the Washington Times, and all the other pro-gun stalwarts who make a living by ginning up the fears of gun owners every time that someone says anything even remotely connected to gun control might do us all a favor and stop concocting arguments out of whole cloth. I know, I know, Obama’s a liberal which means he hates guns and he’ll do anything to take them away. But maybe it’s time to stop worrying about Obama and start thinking about how to convince rational and reasonable people that responsible gun ownership is the American way.”

This is just one of multiple examples that can be found on the web of Mr Weisser providing cover to anti-gun, false-flag groups like “Evolve”, with a so-called “industry insider” in favor of reasonable gun control.

We want to make sure no one else in our fine industry gets taken in by this charlatan so we made a short list of known aliases and DBA's:

Name: Mike Weisser


– Greylock Gear and Leather Co.
91 W. Main Stret
Ware, MA 01082

And on as GreyLock

– Ware Gun Shop
91 W. Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
Tel: 413-967-7456
[email protected]


– Former Importer of ISSC, before ISSC saw the light and terminated his license in favor of Legacy Sports.

  • Blogging at
  • Huffington Post:
  • The Health Care Blog as MIKE R. WEISSER
  • GoodReads:

Phone Numbers:

  • 413-967-8070
  • 413-967-7456


Linked Profiles:


What? You still need more proof that this man is no good, just take a look at comments on the many gun forums he has pissed on:


Feel free to tell Mr Mike Weisser you are on to his scam and definitely do not do business with him… ever,  as scammers and thieves never change their way. You have been warned.

And if you are one of the few product wholesalers who are still doing business with Mr Weisser, then shame on you to.

Have you or your company been burned by Weisser? Be sure and leave your story here in the comments below, so other can know the truth.

  • 26 thoughts on “Deadbeat Mike Weisser, Ware Gun Shop, Stiffs The Second Amendment

    1. We know this fraudster here at DRGO. Here’s another front under which Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser does his business–a Twitter account named @GunLobbyWatch. If you have any doubts about where he really stands on 2A, check out his Twitter feed He trolls our @DRGOSAF account every once in a while.

      Timothy Wheeler, MD
      Past Director
      Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
      A Project of the Second Amendment Foundation

    2. He also runs a fb group posing as pro connon sense 2a. The only good thing about his anti gun group ” american coalition of responsible gun owners” is that they dont silence block and ban those who disagree with them. I have had quite a few healthy arguments on that page. Other than that, it is obvious by any measure that he is anti 2a all the way. Thanks for telling it how it is.

    3. I read this guy’s book, “Guns for Good Guys Guns for Bad Guys”. He claims to be a PhD but he can’t do 5th grade math. On pages 186 and 187 he says that according to the Department of Justice in 2010 there were11,078 homicides in this country. He says our population was 309 million and computes our gun homicide rate to have been 3.21 per 100,000. He further states that of the 309 million population 265 million were non black and that they accounted for 4,927 of the homicide victims. Which, he says computes to a gun homicide rate of 0.18 per 100,000 for non blacks. I defy you to arrive at his homicide rates using his population and homicide numbers. He can’t operate a calculator.
      By the way, don’t waste your time reading this book. It is poorly written and his manner throughout is condescending. He presents his opinions and prejudices as facts . As an example on page 149 he says about a 180 grain .40 caliber round from a Glock 27. “the one that even if you hit them in the shoulder they’re going down. No shit they’re going down.” Now I certainly would not want to be hit in the shoulder (or any where else) by that bullet and I might well go down if I were. But in trying to sound like he really knows his shit he is giving away his ignorance. And if you were a Huffington Post reader you probably would take it as gospel.

    4. I walked into the Ware gun shop a few years ago. I asked to look at revolvers. The old man behind the counter (I presume Mike) said “What are you , a F***ing museum? Nobody buys revolvers anymore!”
      I walked out, never to return. It’s amazing how many other museums I shoot with at my club with our wheel guns.

    5. Who in their right mind would visit this A -hole in the fairly remote section of Western Massachusetts ? Be warned. If it was the last gun shop in the world I would take up bow and arrow.

    6. @Eron; Duh.. this guy is not only a commie but he is in the comments thanking AmmoLand for the bad press. He is NOT disputing the facts. Clearly he ripped them off or he would be screaming they were trashing his name. What a scumbag this guy is.

    7. If you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar you get slapped. Guess Mike Weisser got slapped! The Internet has turned into a powerful tool so you just might want to watch out for who you steal from. Good going Ammoland. Burn his backside!

    8. Mike Weisser you are an idiot. Do you really think this publicity is going to help you? Gun people are a tight group we talk to each other a lot. Look what happened to Cheaper than Dirt when they decided to price gouge everyone during the last big run on guns. You truly are a shit bag and deserve whatever ill fortune comes your way.

    9. Id like to here both sides of this story because it does sound like the kind of one sided rant. Raely do people who survive on name resort to just stiffing some one.

      And for the love of God, just because some one doesn’t not march lock step with the NRA does not mean they are a communist

    10. Read as much as I could stand on this guys blog site, what a gun grabbing POS. Anyone giving this guy credence or a pass is no better a hypocrite than he is, or a gun grabbing shill as well.

    11. How is it sour grapes if AmmoLand is the one that got burnt? As with all online advertising your run it and then get paid. Especially for small advertisers. The real crime is this guy is pretending to be pro gun and out filling the web with stories of compromise, stripping us our 2A rights. Love you AmmoLand, you guys are a class act.

    12. Awesome post! Its good to see you guys are standing up for yourselves. I’ve only had an FFL for about a year and a half, and have been quite surprised by some of the scumbags that get an FFL.

      A guy down here in FL just got arrested for trading marijuana for guns in his gun shop.

      I will be contacting you soon for advertising and I promise to pay up front if ya want.

    13. Typical Mass. liberal communist , only in sheeps clothing to damage the image of true second amendment supporters . The ONLY people from Mass. I have ever considered rational were those that left Mass. and lived elsewhere like several of my friends .

    14. Hey dd, it sound like they fronted thier services before they found out he was a db. Its a hard and expensive lesson we learn eabout some, but you can’t distrust the whole world just because some of the residents are scum. Thing is, scum usually floats to the top, what comes around, goes around rule will get ’em in the end.
      Have a wonderful day!!

    15. Love Ammoland, BUT this sounds like sour grapes to me… If this guy has been and continues to be such a POS, why did you front him the advertising? Due diligence is key in all things. I agree, based on what I’ve seen, he’s a punk poser, but your failed business dealings are your own fault. Hope you’re not steering us to OR supporting, through your own negligence, any other duds like this guy.

    16. I’ve seen this a$$hole’s comments on several blog sites, and have known for quite a while that he was as authentic as Obambi is American-born.

      He should be a participant in my experiment about “gravity is our friend”. All you need is a short rope and a tall tree.

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