Free Eyeworm Testing In Bobwhites For State Fish & Game Agencies

Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch
Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch

Texas –-(  As you may know, the Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation is studying the incidence of eyeworms (Oxyspirura petrowi) in wild bobwhites.

Given the prevalence we’re seeing here in west Texas, we are interested in analyzing bobwhites from other states within the bobwhite’s range.

To that end, RPQRF will pay to have up to 25 bobwhite heads inspected for eyeworms.

If your state would like to take advantage of our offer, secure hunter-killed specimens (we just need the head and wing for aging) this fall/winter, keep frozen in individual bags,  and contact me for additional instructions.

Same offer goes for Lesser Prairie Chickens for the few states that have them.

We only want wild birds for these analyses, no farm-reared birds please.

Thanks for considering.  E-mail me if you have questions.

Dale Rollins, Director
Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch
[email protected]

About Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch

Every organization has its humble beginnings. The Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch was hatched around the tailgate of a pickup one evening in 2005 after a successful quail hunt.

The idea of a quail research ranch was bantered around – our own laboratory to devise and evaluate land management schemes aimed at enhancing bobwhite abundance. It was also suggested it would be great to have a ranch to demonstrate good management to other “students of quail.”

The egg was laid and after an incubation period of about two years, the dream became reality. Visit: