How to Scout the Osceola Turkey With Kevin Faver, Mossy Oak Pro Staff

View More: Kevin Faver of St. Augustine, Florida is the Mossy Oak Turkey/Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for Florida. In this video Kevin shares how he scouts for the Osceola Turkey in Florida.

Kevin started hunting at a young age when his father would take him along on hunting trips to the woods around where they lived.   For the past 38 years, Kevin has been returning to those woods and many others pursuing different game.

Although he enjoys all types of hunting, Kevin says his favorite type of hunting is chasing turkeys and whitetail deer with a bow.

When he is not in the woods hunting, Kevin enjoys sharing his hunting experiences and knowledge with others.   He has hosted the radio show “The Outdoors Show” for 14 years and “The Florida Roads Outdoors Show” for 8 years.

“Visiting with guests and listeners about hunting is almost as good as hunting itself,”  says Faver.   “If I can’t be in the woods hunting, then talking about it is the next best thing.”

Kevin also enjoys the chance to hunt with his wife and kids.   They go hunting as a family as often as possible.  “Passing on the legacy of hunting to my children the way my dad passed it to me is one of the most important things I can do as a father.”  Faver says.   “Hunting is a great way to spend time with your kids and teach them respect and responsibility.”