Jesse James Launches Firearm Manufacturing Company Featuring AR’s & 1911’s

By AWR Hawkins
Images by The Firearm Report:

Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Cisco 1911
Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Cisco 1911 IMAGE by
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Custom motorcycle builder Jesse James celebrated the launch of his new firearm manufacturing company in Texas over the weekend.

He said Texas was an attractive location because it “is very business friendly” and “more guns are legal” in Texas.


According to The Texas Tribune, James's new company is called Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.

Saturday's launch party for James' new enterprise was attended by representatives “of the National Rifle Association, the Texas State Rifle Association, and other gun advocacy groups.”

While California, Colorado, and various states in the northeast have moved toward more restrictive gun control in recent months, Texas has moved toward loosening gun control measures. For example, Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott (R) supports allowing the open carry of handguns in the state.

Currently, handguns must be carried concealed by those who have a permit to carry one.

Besides the overarching gun and business-friendly climate, James said Texas is an “employee-friendly” state as well: “Texas understands that people are trying to build families here and grow, and they support that.”

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Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Nomad AR-15
Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Nomad AR-15 IMAGE by

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    1. Nomad AR15??? What’s with the “Sweet Potato” on the end of the barrel? Looks like they pulled the trigger and the bullet didn’t get out.

      And….(Here comes the hate)..All the world needs now is another 1911 clone. Uh Huh.

    2. Why did you steal these photos from The Firearm report / Brandon DuBois and put your logo on them? That is SO wrong. You are thieves and can no longer be a trusted source for me.

    3. Nice photos. Ripoff. You’d think with credentials as yours you’d know how to cite your sources appropriately. Not cool.

      1. @folks commenting about the images, you will see that we have credited Brandon and the The Firearm Report for them, we get images from a lot of people and do not always know who they come from but we are very happy to give credit where credit is do and in this case all the credit goes to The Firearm Report at

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