Liberty Ammunition Launches New Website and Emerging Media Platforms

Liberty’s new website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube pages features Liberty’s patented high-performance, lead-free ammunition for personal defense, hunters, law enforcement and the military.

Liberty Ammunition New Website Homepage
Liberty Ammunition New Website Homepage
Liberty Ammunition
Liberty Ammunition

BRADENTON, FL ( – Liberty Ammunition, global leader in high performance, lead-free ammunition for military, law enforcement, personal defense and the hunting markets has launched their new website and emerging media platforms to coincide with their Civil Defense ammunition line release.

The new website is an updated, integrated one-stop location for everything Liberty Ammo. From product specifications to ballistic video reviews, contact info, dealer locater and an online store, the new Liberty website will provide customers with the relevant information on the growing line of products and allow the purchase of ammunition directly from the site.

Liberty Ammunition has also joined Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, Pinterest and YouTube  as additional channels for the sharing of information, pictures, reviews and videos. Liberty will also use these channels for future promotions direct to customers.

“For many years, Liberty Ammunition stayed below the radar because of the nature of its customers,” Steven Torma, President and CEO of Liberty Ammunition commented. “Now, with the launch of our new Civil Defense rounds, we want to make a lot of noise and position Liberty as the first choice in personal defense ammunition.”

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About Liberty Ammunition:
Founded shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Liberty Ammunition’s sole pursuit has been to develop the world’s highest performing ammunition. The company provides state-of-the-art tactical ammunition to the US military, our allies and law enforcement. In 2013, Liberty Ammunition entered the civilian market with the highest performing ammunition in the world for superior personal protection and to enhance the game hunting experience. Today, Liberty Ammunition is the global leader in high performance, lead-free ammunition for military, law enforcement and the civilian and hunting markets.

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    1. I was reading the reviews on your new .308 cal ammo. Im very interested in purchasing this new .308 cal lead free ammo. Whete can it be purchased ? Im located in Montana, our local Gun shop does not carry your lead free .308
      Thank You!
      Bill DuRose

    2. I read about you in Cheaper Than Dirt and I live in a lead restricted hunting area. Are you producing lead free ammo in Springfield 30-06 150 grain and 308 sizes? I’m looking for some cartridges to test and some bullets to reload my spent Winchester cases for comparison. Please get back to me.
      Hank Alvarez
      Corona, CA

      1. I bought 4 boxes of this crappie due to an arm injury I carry a Kelly Tektronix p3at and this shot DOES NOT OPEN! Fine in PMK length barrel but in super short barrel stick with MAGSAFE or GLASER.

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