More Lies – Moms Demand Action Claims ‘Mass Shooting Every Day’

By AWR Hawkins

All Three Moms Demand Action Protestors
More Lies – Moms Demand Action Claims ‘Mass Shooting Every Day’
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( During a November 12 2013 appearance on MSNBC, Moms Demand Action (MDA) leader Shannon Watts claimed “we have a mass shooting everyday.”

This was just one day after she said Texans who openly carried rifles in a counter protest against MDA were like “the Taliban.” According to National Review Online, Watts suggested the group “Open Carry Texas” (OCT) was “full of people who might rape the women involved in MDA.” 

WeaselZippers reports Watts did not bother explaining that openly carrying a rifle in Texas is legal, just as openly carrying a handgun is legal in Arizona, Mississippi, and numerous other states. Rather, she said the people that stand for gun rights in OCT “are the people making the laws, and that’s why we have a mass shooting everyday.”

On October 23 Breitbart News reported that Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly claimed 16 mass shootings since the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, but they provided no list of these shootings. Now MDA has upped the number exponentially, claiming such crimes happen “everyday.”

When not claiming daily mass shootings or suggesting members of a given pro-gun group “might rape” members of MDA, Watts uses her position to pressure corporations and small businesses to ban guns on their property–effectively creating new gun free zones in which law abiding citizens cannot defend their lives.

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“An armed society is a polite society.” Robert A. Heinlein


A liberal friend (I know, hard to stay friends) posted some POS from these sleaze worms on FB, claiming there were 17? “school shootings” since Sandy Hook.
I searched the Internet for these claims and found that, while these shootings occurred on school grounds, all but 2 involved workplace violence, disgruntled lovers, or coincidence. And of the last 2, one kid was specifically going after another kid. He wasn’t targeting kids at random.

Of course, any shooting is a tragedy, especially when you have nuts targeting kids and teachers because they are sitting ducks, imprisoned in so-called “gun-free” zones.

VT Patriot

I dunno, somehow I think these women are as safe from rape as I am. I.m a gun carrying senior male. Rape isn’t the reason I carry.


Mass shooting everyday only if you are in gun free Chicago.


You’re right, Darren, they are desperate. And, their tools are lies and hysteria. Why else would they bury the statistics of how often guns are used to defend oneself or others from violent crime??? Reality has always undermined the argument of the left. That is why they promise a utopian fantasy but never actually deliver.


The gun rights haters are getting desperate. The scare’em with mass shootings formula that the UK developed 100 years ago isn’t working here. Let them make fools of themselves it only helps our cause.

TSgt B

Just more proof of the lack of honesty, integrity, objectivity, and subject knowledge on the part of the “mainstream media”. These women, and way to many alleged men, know nothing about firearms, firearms law(s), or firearm safety, yet they claim to stand for “gun sense”. It would be hilarious, if not such a tragic indictment of the public “education” system and the Socialist indoctrination that it stands for.

These women, starting with their self-appointed “leader”, need some serious psychological counseling and intervention.

William J Coote

Hopalong I would have to agree with you. These women are thinking the situation too hard. The fact is more and more black teens and 20 somethings are going around in gangs beating and assaulting whites. Not to mention that they are shooting each other as quickly as they can and then when a white person fights back, they are demonized through the LSM. The truth needs to be said. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

Thomas Sebold

Shannon Watts is a sadly disturbed woman.

She has lost any credibility with her comment that “we have a mass shooting every day!”

As far as her paranoid “rape” comment, all I can say as a retired police officer is that a legally armed citizen DOES NOT fit the profile of a rapist. I suggest she check the FBI annual crime statistics regarding who are rapists!


I wouldn’t touch women like that, with a 10 foot pole. I carry everyday. I’am not looking for women to rape. I think these women are trying to flatter them selves. In my eyes, they are like ROSIE rotten crotch.