Ohio: House Self Defense Bill 203 Passes in House Committee, Goes to House Floor


Charlotte, NC –-(Ammoland.com)-  Today, the House Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee considered and passed House Bill 203 by an 8-4 vote.

Sponsored by state Representative Terry Johnson (R-90), HB 203 seeks to make common sense improvements to Ohio’s current concealed carry and self-defense laws including the following:

  • Strengthens the existing criminal background check process to obtain an Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL) by requiring all CHL applicants to undergo a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) compliant background check.  This improvement is the first step in allowing Ohio CHL holders to qualify for a NICS exemption when purchasing a firearm.
  • Establishes an automatic reciprocity system.
  • Reduces the minimum training requirement to obtain a competency certificate required to apply for a CHL from 12 hours to 4 hours.
  • Applies the same federal disqualifiers for the possession and purchase of a firearm to applicants for a CHL.
  • Establishes a non-resident application process to obtain a CHL.
  • Modifies the state’s self-defense law.  Under current law, a person has no duty to retreat before using deadly force if that person is in their own home or automobile.  This legislation would expand that to any place a person has a lawful right to be.

The House floor vote on HB 203 could occur as early as tomorrow.  It is important that you call AND e-mail your state Representative TODAY and politely urge him or her to support HB 203.  Contact information for your state Representative can be found here.

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

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We the people Do NOT NEED permission from government to be able to defend ourselves. Only SLAVES need permission from the King.

Wake up people – Are you SLAVES or the people of the several states?

Sadly most of have no idea what the difference is.