Pastor Chuck Baldwin on Laws That Harm Americans ~ Video

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Montana – -( In my opinion, for a society to live together in some sort of harmony it is necessary to have laws.

However, to be effective the law must be used lawfully. Sadly, we live in a time in history where laws are being passed to enslave a large portion of the population, while the “too big to fail” corporations regularly break the law with impunity.

To me, the situation became more clearly defined by the revelations of Ed Snowden. What was the reaction by our “so called leaders” to Mr. Snowden’s startling revelations? Was it to crack down on the NSA, CIA, and FBI etc…? No, it was a case of let’s pass more laws so people like Mr. Snowden can be silenced in the name of “National Security.”

I submit to you that our biggest threat to national security is the current administration. In the video below, Pastor Chuck Baldwin covers a few laws that have been passed with the deliberate intention of doing harm. As usual, there is no ‘beating around the bush” from Pastor Baldwin.

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8 years ago

Bravo. Thanks for posting AL.