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URGENT: The Second Amendment Foundation is continuing to make a difference throughout the country, protecting our Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms.

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation

BELLEVUE, WA –-( We are currently challenging the Arkansas Statute that, “completely prohibits resident legal aliens from the concealed carry of guns, in public, for the purpose of self-defense.”

In a separate case in California, GLOCK Inc. has joined to support SAF in our case challenging the state handgun roster requirements that include microstamping and magazine disconnects.

We constantly have to battle to protect our Second Amendment rights. As long as patriots like you can keep our doors open we will never stop fighting. It is imperative we collect as many resources as possible to challenge anti-gun rights laws from coast to coast. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

The lawsuit we have joined in Arkansas is on behalf of Martin Pot, a citizen of the Netherlands. Mr. Pot is a law-abiding resident of Eureka Springs, and has been so since 1986. He is self-employed and is a productive member of the community, with an American-born wife and family. He came here almost 30 years ago, met and married his wife, and has many solid connections in his community.

When we first spoke with Mr. Pot over the telephone, we were alarmed at the prospect of his being denied a fundamental constitutional civil right because of the discriminatory citizenship requirement that was added to the law. He previously had a license, but under the revised statute, the state will not renew it.

Pot is allowed to possess a firearm in Arkansas only in his home, on his property or – under certain circumstances – while on a “journey.” However, state law prohibits him from obtaining a concealed carry permit because he is not a citizen.

This is not the first time we have taken an action on behalf of a resident alien, and we are very confident that this will be a successful case. We have faced similar successful challenges in Washington, New Mexico, Massachusetts and Nebraska.

We are proud of Glock for stepping up to the plate. Glock believes, as do we, that California’s requirements place an undue burden on both consumers and manufacturers. Glock produces some of the most popular pistols in the world, and their guns are carried by law enforcement professionals and legally-armed private citizens across the United States.

According to the brief, Glock pistols are like the majority of semi-auto pistols manufactured today, because they do not include the magazine disconnect. Indeed, the brief notes that, “the overwhelming majority of law enforcement agencies require pistols that do not have a magazine disconnect mechanism.”

Glock pistols, nor any other handgun in common use, can comply with California’s “microstamping” mandate, the brief notes. As a result the newest generation of Glock pistols is not on the California roster, and therefore cannot be sold to private individuals in that state.

Under the First Amendment, California is not allowed to compile a list of books you can read, and under the Second Amendment the state should not be allowed to compile a list of handguns you can own.

Glock definitely has an interest in this case, and their expertise could be crucial at this point. We’re glad they have chosen to weigh in.

Above are the details of our latest legal action taken to protect United States resident’s Second Amendment rights. Along with those two cases, SAF is currently involved in 22 other cases around the country.

These cases range from NY to CA and any city in between where someone’s Second Amendment rights are being violated. As you can imagine the bill for all of this legal action and attorney’s fees is substantial.

We are a grassroots organization which means it is the Second Amendment Patriots of this country that keep us going. It is not trendy or cool to help out pro-gun organizations which is why we do not have big shot donors.

Gun grabbers think that past gun control efforts have worn us down and hope you and I will quit the fight to protect individual rights.

I am counting on you. I know times are tough for everyone but if you could please make a special emergency gift to SAF of $100 or $50 or whatever you can afford, anything will help.

Please contribute your emergency gift immediately. Tomorrow is too late. I know I can count on you.

Times are tough but as things get tougher it’s critical we have gun rights.

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To continue educational and legal action projects we rely on people like you who care. Unlike gun grabbers we don’t have deep pockets or big shot donors but we will never back down from them. Not with our Second Amendment in jeopardy.

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Thank you. Your support means a lot to me.

Sincerely yours,
Alan M. Gottlieb
Second Amendment Foundation

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