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Fieldsports Channel TV
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United Kingdom –-(  The headlines this week: Prince on poaching, King George gets pimped Perazzi, the rod that got away, netting sheep from a chopper and how catching eels shaped America.

Prince Charles has thrown his weight behind an anti-poaching drive. He made the promise when he met Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete in Sri Lanka during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. According to Kikwete, Prince Charles plans an anti-poaching conference in February next year.

George Digweed MBE has been celebrating his most successful competitive year. He hosted a special evening to thank all the people who have helped with his career. Over 90 guests from all over the world were invited to join George and his wife Kate. So far he’s won 22 World titles (12 Sporting, 9 Fitasc and 1 Compak), 18 European Titles (13 Fitasc and 5 Compak), 5 European Compak Titles, and 10 World Cups. Each of the nine tables had one of his trophies as a centre piece. At the end of the evening George was presented with a specially commissioned Perazzi shotgun, hand delivered by Mauro Perazzi himself.

George says: “I can only be as good as the products I endorse. If they are not consistent they are not good they are not quality products I would not have won what I have won over a consistent period of time.”

The Arizona Game and Fish Department have been rounding up bighorn sheep for release in the Catalina Mountains in the state. It is a US$600,000 project funded by hunters and hunting licences to replace a herd that died out in the 1990s. Each animal has a satellite GPS collar that will fall off after about 2 years. Biologists will closely track their movement. Government agencies and conservation groups reached an agreement to kill a mountain lion if it preys on a sheep. Watch the film here:

Children in Northern Ireland will be allowed guns, according to a government minister. David Ford, who is Northern Ireland Justice Minister is considering lowering the age at which young people can have supervised access to shotguns and airguns to 12 years of age.

Fieldsports Channel’s films have now been watched more than 1 million times on the Chinese version of You Tube, called Youku. It is the second most popular UK-made programme broadcasting in China after Downton Abbey. Fieldsports Channel started translating and uploading a few weeks ago. So far Roy Lupton shooting feral pigeons in London is proving to be the most popular film on Youku with one of the Chinese comments suggesting that they taste better than chicken. Visit

A native American tribe has said that its love of eels changed the course of white history in America. According to the Mi’kmaq [mickmack] a party of their number was meant to be supplying gunpowder to the French forces at Louisbourg [Lewisberg], Which was under siege in 1758. However, they stopped for eel stew, which sent them to sleep as eating eels is known to do, and consequently the French not only lost Louisbourg but soon the whole of their foothold in North America. Watch the film here:

And finally, while filming a fishing trip on the “Top Hook” off New York, a cameraman caught the surprised look on the fisherman’s face as the fish drags the rod out of his hands and into the water. Thankfully it was a cheap rod. Watch the film here:


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