This Week On Gateway Outdoors Radio, Charlie Looks at The PA Bull Elk Poaching

Gateway Outdoors Radio
Gateway Outdoors Radio

Pennsylvania – -( Elk Shot Illegally. This week on Gateway Outdoors Charlie Burchfield focuses on the poaching of a bull elk in Elk County, PA.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Doty McDowell shares the details of an ongoing investigation of big 5 by 5 bull elk. The animal was illegally shot in close proximity of two residences on Winslow Hill and not far from the Keystone Country Elk Center in Elk County PA. A reward fund has been established to help gain information regarding this case.

The discussion also includes the details of this senseless act how the general public in general, and sportsmen in particular view this despicable act. Also learn about the importance of the reward program, and how to contribute to the fund.

Listen in, on Monday November 4th 2013, and learn how individuals, along with sportsmen and women can assist to help solve this crime against the elk resource.

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