2014 Discounted Alberta Wolf Hunts

Alberta Wolf Hunts
Alberta Wolf Hunts
NRA Outdoors
NRA Outdoors

FAIRFAX, Va. –-(Ammoland.com)- Alberta has the most liberal wolf hunting seasons in North America and they still have a wolf problem.

Alberta residents can hunt wolves 10 months out of the year with no license needed and non residents can do the same as long as they purchased a wolf license.

Hunting can be done by spot and stalk, howling wolves in or the most common and most successful is the use of wild game carcass and hunting from a blind.

Big Wolf Tracks
Big Wolf Tracks

I just recently returned from Alberta and witnessed first hand not just the size of the packs but the size of the wolves themselves, their tracks in the snow are the size of a large mans hand print, more specifically my outfitters handprint and he’s 6′ 2″ with a large frame and the hands to match.

Alberta Wolf Hunts offer a phenomenal chance to shoot a timber wolf.  These are large wolves, standing about 36 inches to the shoulder, and are hunted when winter coats are prime, a large adult male can weigh any where from 120 to 150 pounds and some even larger.

These hunts are held in the scenic foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains West of Edmonton.

In addition to seeing wolves most hunters have the opportunity to see (not for hunting) other species of predators such as lynx, cougars, eagles, fox, and coyotes so bring a camera.

Wolves are smart, elusive  and war. Hunters will not only  test their patience but their shooting abilities as well, expect shots to range from 200 to 300 plus on an average. (Details)


For more information, please visit NRAOutdoors.com, or visit the NRA Outdoors Facebook page.

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I don t think that the pittman-robertson act meant that you could destroy all wildlife and the funding of wildlife conservation programs is paid for by the taxpayer although hunting organizations put in a small pittance…sports and hunting in no manner should be used in the same sentence unless they are used as opposites


Whitewolf. I will think of you when I sit down, to a nice, juicy venison steak. You have been reading, to many peta books.

TSgt B

I’ll give the wolves one great compliment: they understand REALITY, which is something the treehuggers and anti-hunting types never will.

Sportsmen (and women), ESPECIALLY HUNTERS, have done more to secure a good future for ALL WILDLIFE. The Pittman-Robertson Act, ENACTED BY THE OVERWHELMING SUPPORT of hunters and other outdoorsmen, has led to more financing of wildlife conversation programs in one decade than all of the anti-hunting radicals have in history.

Tenring Rob

Wolves are predators and need to be controlled or there will be no deer or fuzzy bunnies to watch. Hunting them should be preferable to setting poisons for any animal to ingest. Grow up people, they have no other natural predator and when they eat the game they live on out of existence, they will starve to death. Is that what you want?


I am not anti hunting but I am anti glorifying the killing of animals by putting their pictures in newspapers and magazines. I dont Trophy hunt. I hunt to survive.


Why is it that the Native people of this part of the world (North America) respect the wolf, always have for centuries, yet Europeans have this perverted need to pillage, torture and destroy everything they don’t understand including indigenous people, their cultures, and the natural world? What is it about the North American Eurocentric mindset that believes that inflicting pain, chaos and mayhem is normal – when it isn’t? This medieval mentality is ludicrous. I have nothing against responsible hunting if one is going to eat what they kill and use the hide – but not hunting just for the… Read more »


@Mike; You are a total hypocrite, how much money have you made off your art of Maikan, the poor wolf you painted that has been locked up in a pen at Jungle Cat World for nine+ years. And you have the balls to come on here and lecture us on how to conserve wild animals. What a load of BS you must be seeing each day when you look in the mirror.


To you ignorant antis hating on this page how does it feel to be on losing side of your augment, everyday all day. “Despite Anti-Hunting Groups Efforts Participation in Hunting Continues to Grow” https://tiny.cc/q3iw7w —- LOLOLOLO HAHAHA, whoops just shot another precious one of God’s critters for my dinner.


Watch you ass Angie. “A righteous man regards the life of animals” – PROVERBS 12:10; “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – FRANCIS OF ASSISI;”The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of ‎animals as they now look upon the murder of men” -‎Leonardo da Vinci

Alan Abbett

Sport my ass !!!!…you people are (comment removed ****PERSONAL ATTACKS NOT ALLOWED**) and this nothing but murder.


@stupid Whitewolf, apparently you get easily hysterical? As that is a big jump from managing a game species to murdering humans. It is not nice to threaten people and I am sure AmmoLand has your IP address for the police should anyone have a problem.


Don’t you dare shoot wolves! Would you like it if I shot you and killed your family. No, you wouldn’t, so how do you justify shooting wolves! If you kill a wolf I hope you live the rest of your life is sorrow, saddened by the fact that you kill them, not even able to leave your house!